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Kinect Sports UC : Launch Trailer

Kinect Sports UC : Launch Trailer

Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection was released this month in total indifference. However the compilation featuring the first two Kinect Sports is very interesting for those who haven't yet move their bodies by playing the 13 sports offered.

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Commented on 2012-09-24 19:23:51
Is it worth it for the 40 seconds of entertainment each sport brings before the gimmick realisation kick s in? Okay okay I'm doing the typical thing of ripping on Kinect but I'm well justified.
I have a friend, who played Eyepet at a convention and "complained" the way the pet draws whatever you draw on a sheet of paper. He said "lol this is stupid, so if I draw a penis shaped car he draws it? That is stupid." I tried to explain to him "Yes you draw ANYTHING and the pet draws it and turns it into a car or a plane or whatever".
Yet he thinks Kinect is "acceptable". My argument was in the running race that the Mii avatar character does. I said "So if I do a handstand and run on the spot in front of the camera, the character in the game does that too...? What's he doesn't?? He just keeps running doing a preprogrammed animation run that only picks up my movement and makes the onscreen character run? FAIL." That is one of my biggest problems with Kinect, the lies of its 1:1 motion detection that 95% of the schmucks with it believe.

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