TRAILER | X360, PS3 Tuesday, July 12, 2011 | 4:41 PM

King of Fighters XIII: Gameplay trailer

King of Fighters XIII: Gameplay trailer

Atlus has released a gameplay trailer for The King of Fighters XIII that will be out in October in North America.

Gameplay trailer
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Commented on 2011-07-12 16:58:17
Hopefully it isn't as shallow as the last one
Commented on 2011-07-13 02:06:58 In reply to Tinks
Posted by Tinks
Hopefully it isn't as shallow as the last one
I take it you actually purchased the "last one"... that was only the first one this gen, don't you think this new one will improve?
Commented on 2011-07-13 07:15:59
I just think they'd have to do A LOT of shit to get it up to par with other fighters at this point
Commented on 2011-07-13 17:52:46
They did improve a lot, its a pretty good game this time around. Last game definitely sucked tho.
Commented on 2011-07-17 16:05:48
from the grafics & gameplay kof12 was way better than SF4. well everything else sucked.
Commented on 2011-07-18 03:42:23
Graphics and gameplay? What else is there? You might as well just say it's a better game
I'll agree about the art, but KF12 is definitely not better in the gameplay dept even though I like older SF better than 4
Commented on 2011-07-18 21:55:03
uhm what else is there? content. kof12 had 5 stages i think no story mode, missing characters ect. i liked the gp way more than sf4. the sf4 gp is to slow and boring for my taste.the button input is also very bad, its unplayable with a pad. and im a pad player so dont come with a arcade stick comment. i smashed 2 ps3 pads because of that fucking sf4 gp.

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