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KOF XIV: Team Fatal Fury Trailer

KOF XIV: Team Fatal Fury Trailer

Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi show off in this new trailer of The King of Fighters XIV. Atlus also reveals the Burn to Fight Premium Edition of the game which contains inside a collector's box: a steelbook, an art book and a 3-disc soundtrack.

The King of Fighters XIV "Burn to Fight" Premium Edition include the following:

SteelBook® - The game disc will be encased in a collectible SteelBook® emblazoned with the series' fiery mainstay, Kyo Kusanagi, literally burning to fight.
Art book - This 144-page art book will be filled with original character/stage drawings from throughout the series.
3-Disc Soundtrack - Those looking for an audio fix will be able to enjoy a three-disc soundtrack (housed in a gorgeous Mai Shiranui illustrated case) comprised of 60+ electric songs worthy of the greatest fighting tournament in the world.
Collector's Box - All the above items will be packaged in a scorching box adorned with familiar characters.

Team Fatal Fury Trailer

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Commented on 2016-05-27 04:29:19
Definitely not the best looking fighter, but it looks like they brought it back to old school fighting and not this overly technical mess of no fun. Maybe lol
Commented on 2016-05-28 19:29:29
I want a Samurai Shodown.. please do it SNK.. :(
Commented on 2016-05-28 21:39:27 In reply to mehmetalper
Posted by mehmetalper
I want a Samurai Shodown.. please do it SNK.. :(
Personally, I think KOFXIII was nearly PERFECT and (unless you're going for a KoF Xrd) doesn't need another sequel. Instead, they should've focused on another SNK franchise. Man, Samurai Shodown would have been such an excellent choice, i really want to grow old enough to witness that one day. Also, why not involve the fans ? I can't imagine that ANYONE would have favored a 3D KOF over a 2D Samurai Shodown. KOFXIV will bomb hard, just like that 3D-turd KOF Maximum Impact did on PS2...
Commented on 2016-05-29 00:17:51
Looks like a remastered snes game
Commented on 2016-05-29 22:13:20
Wow you guys are definitely NOT King of Fighters players...and then there is a Samurai Showdown wisher...

Look this King of Fighters art style is actually very accurate to the SNK poster and 2d art style of old but brought to life in 3d polygon graphics and it's only the first hard attempt at this and so far it looks great.

As far as Samurai Showdown...they did do that exclusively on xboxthreesitty and it was a total fail that you aren't aware of because you still have PTSD.
Commented on 2016-05-29 22:25:20
This looks great? Are you one of these graphically challenged Japanese artists who still can't figure shaders out or something?

Looks more akin to a late PS2 game or VERY early PS3.

This shit right here is last gen, and it looks waaaay better, the aliasing aside.
Commented on 2016-05-31 22:45:42 In reply to Akumajo
Because 3D Samurai Shodown is the sequel everyone's been waiting for... LOL! A KoFXIII quality Samurai Shodown with hires sprites 'N' shit, that's what I want. Oh btw, it's written "Shodown", not "Showdown", how did that slip your attention, especially since you played every single one of them, right ? Either way, if you really need more proof that SNK/Playmore suck at 3D, go ahead and preorder your copy of KoFXIV, after all it's your money, not mine.
Commented on 2016-06-05 22:52:47 In reply to Akumajo
The game looks like ass kid. The animations also are shitty.

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