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Lost Odyssey images

Lost Odyssey images

We are back from the Press Conference, where we managed to enter thanks to Major Nelson. So while waiting for the first videos, here are some screenshots of Lost Odyssey.

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Commented on 2006-09-20 11:20:08
I've just seen the video on youtube and all I can say is that this game is FUCKING gorgeous. Music, desings, lighting. Everything. It's awesome to see how the fire lights Kaim's face while the music is backwards.
Commented on 2006-09-20 11:20:27
Nice :)
More more more ^___^
Commented on 2006-09-20 11:34:50
AMAZING!! It's in-game! OMG I'm gonna love this jRPG!!!! :D Thanks SO much Xboxyde (and MN of course ;)
Commented on 2006-09-20 11:48:40
Looks REALLY REALLY beautiful.
That's all I can say about this. It's just beautiful.
Commented on 2006-09-20 12:04:21
Looks incredible!!!
I cant wait for more!!!
Commented on 2006-09-20 12:05:01 In reply to Acidote
Posted by Acidote
I've just seen the video on youtube and all I can say is that this game is FUCKING gorgeous. Music, desings, lighting. Everything. It's awesome to see how the fire lights Kaim's face while the music is backwards.
link please:-)

from the ign blog...

"The transistion from CG to real time is so seamless that it's nearly impossible to tell that anything has changed. In fact, had Sakaguchi not announced that the game was switching to playable form, I'm sure many might have thought that it was still CG, or that the first part had actually be real time."

Commented on 2006-09-20 12:22:56
O. M. G.
Commented on 2006-09-20 12:30:13
Can't breathe...

Commented on 2006-09-20 13:38:30
MS are going all out. it's awesome :-) What with this, the secret chip in all 360s that does 1080p support (if not other things?), $170us HD DVD drive (in japan at least) and a core + blue dragon bundle... Yikes :-)
Bring on day two!
Commented on 2006-09-20 14:04:18 In reply to Drew
Posted by Drew
O. M. G.
Commented on 2006-09-20 14:14:02
Commented on 2006-09-20 14:21:10
lol you guys.. take a deep breath and relax abit :)

looks pretty sweet, i must say!
Commented on 2006-09-20 15:03:02
I got a job today and new videos and images of LO, can this get any better!
LO Demo maybe in these few days , then that would be the ultimate.

Commented on 2006-09-20 17:54:34
That lighting is very nice!

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