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Lost Odyssey trailer

Lost Odyssey trailer

Mistwalker was showing this new Lost Odyssey trailer in a small theater inside their booth, and it looks like filming was not really allowed. That explains why the picture can get blurry and a (big) part of the picture is missing, but I'm sure you'll be able to survive with just this until we can get a direct feed version :)

Trailer (hidden cam)
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2005-12-17 17:03:04
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2005-12-17 17:09:34
well at least we know the game will have nice fmv...
Commented on 2005-12-17 17:23:32
Some parts are real-time. Check the part where Kaim swings his sword, and the part where they show the city buildings with the green-ish atmosphere.
Commented on 2005-12-17 17:27:20
Yeah the concept art slides end with a comparison between the concept of one street and the 3D version.
Commented on 2005-12-17 18:11:22
The 360 is going to be home to some incredible RPG's.
It's about time I stopped twitching out and got into some deep involving games.
I won't have trouble finding any, obviously ;)
Commented on 2005-12-17 19:34:46
This trailer is real-time. The game uses Unreal 3.0. engine. Beautiful concept art, for sure. And Kaim looks stunning.
Commented on 2005-12-17 19:53:32
this game reminds me a bit of Onimusha, dunno why tho. (and i dont mean that in a bad way cause i absolutely love onimusha)
Commented on 2005-12-17 20:17:51 In reply to Tiduz
Wow this game is one of the best coming to x360, imho. The music is really wonderful!!!!one of the best vg songs to my memory.....
Commented on 2005-12-17 20:51:42
Looks fantastic, looking forward to this alot more than Blue Dragon.
Commented on 2005-12-17 21:06:07
I'm not supriced,also it was the idea and the game lost odyssey that made Sakaguchi come back to gaming...so this is his true baby...
Commented on 2005-12-17 22:17:06
This game looks like the one.
Commented on 2005-12-17 22:19:49
The sequence where they show the city looks real-time, but the rest is definately CGI. They would of let you know if it were real-time, like they did with the Blue Dragon presentation.
Commented on 2005-12-17 23:05:36
OK, now I know that at least some of the Lost Odyssey vid was realtime. Everything right up to the monsters jumping about was realtime... after that it enters the realm of 'freakin' hope so'!!! Either way it is going to look nice... and my gawd... THE MUSIC IS AWESOME!!!! This is why Nobuo Uematsu is just simply one of the greatest composers working in games today. It just GETS YOU!!! DAMN!!! EASILY THE BEST I HAVE HEARD FROM HIM!!! (and there I was think he was slightly overatted).
Commented on 2005-12-17 23:45:51
Finally the Japanese will be getting some good games, the trailer looks awsome, I hope this game comes out in Europe and other Regions.
Commented on 2005-12-18 00:59:55
Real time my arse lol. Still looking forward to it though
Commented on 2005-12-18 02:17:27
It looks mostly CG, but the comparison concept to 3d that was shown of the city street is probably real-time.
Commented on 2005-12-18 06:29:54 In reply to spydaweb
No, it really is real-time believe it or not. Almost everything from Kaim's detailed facial structure to the incredible monsters. The battle sequence looks like FMV, though. Anyway, the game uses the new Unreal engine. Go here for some real-time demos of the engine:


Don't be thrown off by some of the Xbox 360 launch titles. Just look at the real-time demo of Resident Evil 5 on Xbox 360. The console is incredibly powerful.
Commented on 2005-12-18 07:58:00
Provide me with a link stating it's real-time.
Commented on 2005-12-18 14:56:00
i'd say its realtime

well maybe not the warriors fighting,but if it is all real time even the warriors im very very very impressed
Commented on 2005-12-18 16:46:08 In reply to Freniger
Posted by Freniger
Provide me with a link stating it's real-time.
The post before yours. You can to some selfsearching regarding the issue.
Commented on 2005-12-18 18:55:35
Nice. Looks pretty damned good. Looks like this will be worth watching out for.
Commented on 2005-12-20 12:09:21
I would say Kain is real time.
the first trailer was real-time up till the end,said sakaguchi if i remembered right.
So plz.

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