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Madden 09 : la démo en ligne

Madden 09 : la démo en ligne

La démo de Madden NFL 09 est disponible depuis peu. Nous vous proposons une vidéo de cette démo pour ceux qui n'ont pas eut la chance de la tester.

EA press release:
The 20th anniversary of Madden NFL football is less than two weeks away! Gamers can check out Madden NFL 09, the first sports game that adapts to you, with the Madden NFL 09 demo that is now available on Xbox Live and Playstation Network. Players can try out the new Virtual Trainer mode, which allows users to customize the difficulty and gameplay settings, as well as preview the new Madden Moments game mode.

At the start of the demo, players can get a sneak peak of the new Virtual Trainer mode as they are immediately dropped into the Madden Test - used to assess a players Madden IQ. Throughout the game, a player’s Madden IQ is constantly updated and adjusted, as are the difficulty and play settings which are based on the Madden IQ. The Madden Test consists of four core game play mechanics: Passing, Rushing, Pass Defense, and Rush Defense.

Madden Moments allows gamers to replay a team's key moment from the 2007 NFL season. In the demo, the Giants Super Bowl-winning drive is the featured Madden Moment. Players will take over the reins of Eli Manning and the Giants with about two minutes to go and attempt to score and walk away with the NFL championship.

Madden NFL 09 is scheduled for release on August 12 and introduces over 85 new features and enhancements. Madden NFL 09 also includes a brand-new broadcast presentation package featuring Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond, online leagues, and the most realistic graphics in franchise history.

For more information about Madden NFL 09, check out www.madden09.com.

Demo gameplay

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Commentaire du 05/08/2008 à 20:12:50
J'en ai fait le test de cette petite démo...

Commentaire du 05/08/2008 à 21:11:24
trop frustrant cette demo, trop court mais des plus comme l'effet de pelouse...je pense que le 12 il sera mien
Commentaire du 05/08/2008 à 21:21:16
Techniquement c'est vraiment pas mal du tout quand même !!

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