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Madden 360: The return of the Burger King trailer

Madden 360: The return of the Burger King trailer

I'm sure you remember that I put online a Madden 360 trailer from a Burger King promotional site a few weeks ago. The video was quite disapointing, to say the least and it seems that EA finally realized this and updated the site with this new trailer. This one is quite a bit better than the old one, but I'll let the Madden specialists decide.

Burger King Trailer 2
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Commented on 2005-09-23 22:20:32
so dissapointing....and i had hope after those two screenshots posted....for gods sakes their mouths dont even move when they talk. The animations are the same as this years madden this is a freakin ps2 port with slightly enhanced graphics. and whats up with the completely unrealistic lighting that makes each player look like they wearin a plastic jersey on their chest. NFL 2k where art thou when we need you
Commented on 2005-09-23 22:25:03
Looks hella weak.
Commented on 2005-09-23 22:28:21
It does look significantly better from the original that was out. This game still has some time to go (b4 release date) so as far as facial animations go... theres still time. This is an improvement when u consider its EA making the game... I mean wut did u expect really?

Edit: They should really release HD versions of these games trailers...
Commented on 2005-09-23 22:31:22
Not the best
Commented on 2005-09-23 22:50:53
....and with that EA effectively let the world know that they dont give a damn.
Commented on 2005-09-23 22:51:59
well its said to be the same Old build as the previous BK video so no wonder it aint so good looking as those two new screenshots.. But with better editing this looks much better to me.
Commented on 2005-09-23 23:29:49

That looks MUCH better than the last video, and it looks better than the screenshots too!!! no more 3-inch thick Jersey's colliding into arm geometry = yeah.

Now, if we could only get this video in HD res.....
Commented on 2005-09-24 01:16:40
Yeah alot better than before, but still kinda.. meh.
Commented on 2005-09-24 01:48:43
uh this is better? what pisses me off is i thought they were going to have a new game engine, but everything looks the same but dipped in wax. besides the faces and stadiums, i think the xbox madden looks better. at the end they still have that stupid tackle where you get hit and you spin around like he got hit by a knockout punch
Commented on 2005-09-24 04:17:03
Why is there alot of people hating on madden and ea....To me madden has always been the dominate football game and its still is and will always be....The game is just coming together and launch is still 2 months away calm down....i bet in x05 the will show trailers with weather affects and gameplay footage.
Commented on 2005-09-24 04:39:44 In reply to boricua87
You're playin right. Top selling isn't a sign of whats the best. I'm sure Kia outsells Bentley. EA gets attacked because they have the most employees, resources, fans and top selling franchises of all game publishers.Why then can they not seem to make one single game look better than anyone elses. They always put out sub-par efforts because they know thier fanbase are the type of people who are so loyal they'll make the excuses for them.. ie "The game is just coming together and launch is still 2 months away calm down....i bet in x05 the will show trailers with weather affects and gameplay footage". After X05 the EA fans will say "the gameplay is all that matters". Then when the game is super-slow and full of crappy animations they'll say "they haven't got the hang of the hardware yet, wait till next year" and so on.........
Commented on 2005-09-24 06:52:57
well I'll be playing nfl2k5 until the contract the nfl has with ea is up this game is not very impressive
Commented on 2005-09-26 07:48:19
yeah whats up with the latex jerseys? same game, higher resolution....... not much else to say.....

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