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Mario Kart on the road with scans

Mario Kart on the road with scans

The champion of kart racing, Mario Kart, is revealed once again in popular magazine Famitsu. For now, we know the official japanese release date set to April 10, 2008 ; the possibility to use a wheelie movement with the bikes ; the possibility to use said bikes in Cup mode ; up to twelve players using Wi-Fi and the possibility to use Miis. Inside, you will find the available tracks known to date and the scans.

New tracks ;

"Mushroom Cup"

Luigi Circuit
Moo Moo Country
Mushroom Canyon
Toad Factory

"Flower Cup"

Mario Circuit - Figure-8 with underpass
Coconuts Mall
DK Snowboard Cross
Wario Mines

Old tracks :

"Shell Cup"

Peach Beach (Gamecube)
Yoshi Falls (NDS)
Ghost Swamp 2 (SNES)
Mario Circuit (N64)

"Banana Cup"

Sherbert Land (N64)
Hey Ho Beach (GBA)
Monty Town (DS)
Waluigi Stadium (Gamecube)

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Commented on 2008-02-06 21:09:24
Excite Mario Kart!
Commented on 2008-02-06 21:14:02
doesn't excite me at all tbh. The tricks thing could be good if it gives u more speed or something though
Commented on 2008-02-06 21:15:25
Still, I predict a million seller.
Commented on 2008-02-06 21:22:09
This pretty much looks near identical to Mario Cart on the gamecube. Is that a bad thing or not?

Either way, mario kart is a console seller.
Commented on 2008-02-06 21:45:50
I don't like Mario Kart, too slow. I've been spoiled by the Burnout series ;_;
Commented on 2008-02-06 22:35:15
Graphics do look a lot like the Gamecube one, but the Wii is barely more powerful than a GC, so you can't really expect more than that. I worry that some of those screens look like they have a tint to them, I wonder if Nintendo is thinking about getting on the monochrome graphics train with Epic.

I really loved SMK on SNES, such a epic game for me. MK64 was fairly disappointing. Both portable Mario Karts were pretty good, and the DS one nearly felt as good as the original SMK. I didn't play a lot of the Gamecube one, didn't feel too great.

I hope the online modes are as fleshed out as one would expect from a current gen racing game. I wonder if there will be online battle mode. I hope the online play isn't as exploitable as MKDS.
Commented on 2008-02-06 22:40:49
MK64 was epic as well. The first time you could have 4 players in a multi level 3d environment (talking about battle mode). I played that game for hours making everyone my little bitch.
Commented on 2008-02-06 22:58:38
Thank god they got rid of that horrible idea (DOUBLE/TWO RIDERS)
Commented on 2008-02-06 23:02:17
This'll be THE best Mario Kart EVER! MKDS was a dream come true, and I think this will take this to new heights.
Commented on 2008-02-06 23:14:15
Project Mario Kart Racing 4

Now with the inclusion of bikes!

But seriously, it does look pretty cool.
Commented on 2008-02-06 23:49:39
Mario Kart SNES will never be beaten, that game was just such an incredible game. I liked the Gamecube Mariokart, though not as much as the SNES one.

This looks like it could be fun, might persuade me to finally get a Wii.
Commented on 2008-02-07 03:36:50
This reminds of those Super Mario Excite Bike games on SNES satelite.. thing.... it was pretty fun, they should just include those.
Commented on 2008-02-07 10:05:45
Why do people over the age of 10 care about Gamecube, I mean Wii?
Commented on 2008-02-07 10:17:26 In reply to Nonexistinghero
Posted by Nonexistinghero
Project Mario Kart Racing 4

Now with the inclusion of bikes!

But seriously, it does look pretty cool.
Exactly what I thought when I saw the scans. lol
Guess Nintendo must be running out of ideas as well...
Commented on 2008-02-07 19:38:06 In reply to Cyberpunk
Posted by Cyberpunk
Why do people over the age of 10 care about Gamecube, I mean Wii?
Probably because we're not all big tough men like you.


Oh first post, hi all!
Commented on 2008-02-08 13:29:36
It seemed to me that Double Dash was an attempt to sort of blend F-Zero and Mario Kart, and I never really thought the huge corners and thus wide roads complemented the inherently heartwarming and sort of charming characters and their little rides.

SNES Mario Kart had tracks that sort of "hugged" the screen, whereas the later ones (MKDS excluded) were too wide to have that same visual appeal.

After the FANTASTIC job Sega did on F-Zero GX it's odd that they won't let Mario Kart be a slower, more intimate kind of game and just keep outsourcing its snazzier futuristic brother to Amusement Vision, but at least this entry seems like it embraces its new format 100%, unlike DD that still tried to stand with one foot in the Mario Kart of old. I honestly think this looks rather nice.

Meanwhile, Amusement Vision is chucked out of the running for making Wii F-Zero in favour of Monster Games of Excite Truck fame. At least this is what I've heard. I liked Excite Truck *a lot*, but it strikes me as an odd match nonetheless.
Commented on 2008-02-08 23:34:08
DD had some issues, but Nintendo got back on track with Mario Kart DS, and this looks like a return to form (plus bikes ^_^).

And no, it dosn't look exactly like DD. Compared to the Cube title, everything has that subtle extra layer of polish - as with Galaxy and Brawl.

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