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Mass Effect Andromeda replay

Mass Effect Andromeda replay

After what seemed to be a rather engaging prologue, we have to say that Mass Effect: Andromeda is not making us want to keep playing. The beginning of the first real mission we played during the French livestream was pretty boring, and worse, pretty poor in terms of atmosphere. To that, you need to add the problems with the facial animations and the animations in general, not to mention the horrible character models, which is a lot to take for someone who has purchased a AAA game. Maybe what comes next gets better, maybe the story will make it worth our while, but for now, we don't really have the motivation to push further. We'll wait until the reviews come out to find out if we should play it or not.

Replay (EN)
Replay (FR)
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Commented on 2017-03-17 00:52:10
Bioware are seriously taking the piss with those faces.
Commented on 2017-03-17 01:14:34
Oh come on drift,i saw that face and just lost it for a bit!Oh dear it was a good laugh thank you sir,well done.
Commented on 2017-03-17 01:37:25
Looks like I've Drifted into your corner there, good sir. I'm going to be cancelling my amazon preorder and wait for them to fix this mess. Also, FWIW, this was developed by Bioware Montreal as opposed to Bioware Edmonton who developed DA:I.

Commented on 2017-03-17 03:07:42
Drift, if it serves any consolation, many reviewers said the beginning of the game is very, very bad, but that after a while the game gets better.

Though to be fair, that does not sound like a game worth investing your time and money right now, specially one with all the bugs and technical issues. And more importantly, when one stops to consider all the great games that were just released and are significantly better.

This is the type of situation where it's better to wait for a complete edition down the line with many improvements, bugs fixed and all DLCs. Or better yet, after so many great games that came out in late 2016 and early 2017, just spend your hard earned money elsewhere.
Commented on 2017-03-17 06:39:24
This is what happens when you take your biggest franchise and hand it off to your B Team. They should've left ME in Edmonton and sent Dragon Age to Montreal.
Commented on 2017-03-17 07:23:43
It's so sad seeing such a great franchise take such a dive. I was never convinced, and I always knew the typical "it's just an early build" comments were BS like they always are. I've done it before with other games like Forza, I let my wallet do the talking, I'll be skipping this.
Commented on 2017-03-17 07:28:59
This really looks bad.
Commented on 2017-03-17 08:52:24
Driftwoods favorite game in this year so far :D

Poor DICE guys, Bioware proved that Frostbite engine could look bad. Look at BF1 or Battlefront, what a difference
Commented on 2017-03-17 09:51:45
Wow, you guys seem pretty down on it. As someone who played through the original trilogy and didn't really enjoy Mass Effect 2 and 3, I am pretty on the fence about this one. In theory it looks closer to ME 1, which is good in my book, but...hrmm. Will wait for reviews. Overall visuals seem pretty good to me, but characters are...poor.
Commented on 2017-03-17 10:05:12
those faces are some of the worst ever
i'm another that dont want this anymore just because of this

totally awfull
Commented on 2017-03-17 11:41:38
Played through the trial yesterday and yes, the first mission on EOS is pretty boring. The surroundings are just flat and boring, felt a lot like ME1 actually. Compare Eos to the prologue and it feels like a different game. The prologue was AWESOME to say the least. The atmosphere and story was fantastic and i thought to myself "YES THE NAILED IT"

Then you board the Nexus and things start to fall apart. The characters and animations feels off. Especially the eyes are way to white to feel natural. I don't care that much about facial animations, they are what they are but FIX THE EYES!!

On the other hand, gameplay out on mission is where the game truly shines. Gone are the days of the extremely stiff gameplay from the original trilogy. It's fast and fluid even though the game is poorly optimized on Xbox One and have plenty of hiccups.

But let me just say this, compare this to the original Mass Effect 1 and it's alot better. They had to build the game from the ground up on an new engine so a comparison to ME3 is unfair. However, i just watched some dialogue scenes from ME3 and it's not any better or worse, just more of the same but on a different engine!

In comparison to Witcher 3 i really struggled the first 10 least. After that i was totally hooked. I thought the beginning of Witcher 3 was boring as hell.
Commented on 2017-03-17 12:16:19 In reply to trifix
But that's just it, its not a new engine. It IS quite amazing when you factor how early a version of Unreal 3 the original Mass Effect ran on, an engine that became renowned for weird looking character models, especially female ones until later in the engines life.

But they have already worked on Frostbite with the last Dragon Age and the engine should have improved since then, in just over 6 months time, PS4 and Xb1 are 4 years out.

@mbalazs No, Frostbite DOES do some things right but character models is not one of them. Lol even the FIFA 2017 trailers last year looked like a Battlefield game because all the character models have this insane genericness to them across most of the game engine's games.
Commented on 2017-03-17 13:12:29 In reply to andrewsqual
Just checked Battlefront star characters and yes, they are dead at the face department
Commented on 2017-03-17 13:22:14 In reply to unknownuser0001
I REALLY noticed it last gen in Army of Two 3. The cutscenes in that game and the Frostbite 2 engine literally makes it the most boring unengaging story ever.

Battlefield Bad Company and its sequel's stories were amazing on Frostbite 1 and 1.5 respectively. It all went downhill with Frostbite 2.
Commented on 2017-03-17 13:50:11 In reply to MrWhite
Posted by MrWhite
Bioware are seriously taking the piss with those faces.
what you moaning about? graphics do not matter to you remember
Commented on 2017-03-17 14:06:03
Commented on 2017-03-17 15:22:38
"Gfx don't matter as long it plays great" Yea yea, seems it matters a lot more to some than they're willing to admit (confessing gfx whore here). I always want both :)
Commented on 2017-03-17 19:44:49 In reply to Kostchtchie
Posted by Kostchtchie
what you moaning about? graphics do not matter to you remember
Sorry, but what the fuck are YOU moaning about?

I never made a statement about the graphics at all. I was being facetious about the state of the faces, which look hilariously deformed. Or do you need your eyes checked?

Now take your face for a shite, son.
Commented on 2017-03-18 00:26:18
Hmm, I would prefer if they just had good standard faces. Except under specific conditions, I am not a fan of these character generators, since they often create pretty poor results. Black Desert looking like an anomaly.
Commented on 2017-03-18 01:15:12 In reply to MrWhite
Posted by MrWhite
Sorry, but what the fuck are YOU moaning about?

I never made a statement about the graphics at all. I was being facetious about the state of the faces, which look hilariously deformed. Or do you need your eyes checked?

Now take your face for a shite, son.
i am just correcting a hypocrite that is all, now like i said what are you moaning about graphics for, graphics mean nothing to you remember?

wow take my face for shite... really? is that it? i will be correcting you everytime you go on about graphics from now on, as GRAPHICS DO NOT MATTTER RIGHT?

have nice day
Commented on 2017-03-18 04:28:58
Bioware might be done after this game. EA probably won't keep them for long.
Commented on 2017-03-18 13:35:24 In reply to Doom_Bringer
Posted by Doom_Bringer
Bioware might be done after this game. EA probably won't keep them for long.
1) Let's see how the game sells first.
2) I doubt it.
Commented on 2017-03-18 17:17:18
Some of the voice actors sound so awkward. Glad i didnt preorder.
Commented on 2017-03-18 17:55:52
They'll probably clean a lot of it up post launch?
Commented on 2017-03-18 22:59:48
They gotta postpone this shit man
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