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Medal of Honor Airborne images

Medal of Honor Airborne images

Electronic Arts released these six images of Medal of Honor: Airborne, with no indication of their source platform.

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Commented on 2007-07-16 11:33:07
i don't see the images?

this has happend before. Is there a problem with the database, blim?
Commented on 2007-07-16 12:06:27
This will sure be fun :)
Commented on 2007-07-16 12:09:13
quite ugly really, but the freedom of field entry is nice, wont be buying this as its EA, maybe 2nd hand, BiA3 is the best of the WW shooters atm, and CoD4 already has my money
Commented on 2007-07-16 12:42:12
Looks quite good, but I also think BiA will make it!
But let's wait and see.
Commented on 2007-07-16 13:04:29
BiA looks way more interesting with dynamics and graphics. MoH:A are showing same kind of pictures everytime and I don't know why some people are so hyped by this game. Where are the shadows btw ? I guess this will be a linear game as MoA always has been, unfortunately.
I recommend BiA:HH and CoD4 instead of this.
Commented on 2007-07-16 13:40:41
Boom maybe it's your web browser, but the images appear just fine on IE 6.0 and the latest Firefox.
Commented on 2007-07-16 14:06:02
Well they were using the 360 version at E3 to demonstrate i watched the gamespot stage demo and it looked incredible pictures do not do it justice...

By the way they also mentioned the PS3 version is delayed until later in the year the pc and 360 versions are out in august
Commented on 2007-07-16 14:19:04
Moi je ne le trouve pas très beau lol, préfère Bio : hell highway, mais pour quoi vous parlez tous anglais :???
Commented on 2007-07-16 14:46:01
BIAHH >> MOHA, as always. After BIAHH demonstration that GT took, I'm even more sure of it.
Commented on 2007-07-16 14:48:05 In reply to youen360
Posted by youen360
Moi je ne le trouve pas très beau lol, préfère Bio : hell highway, mais pour quoi vous parlez tous anglais :???
Parce que c'est anglaise partie du gamersyde? :O
Commented on 2007-07-16 14:56:53 In reply to szaromir
Posted by szaromir
Parce que c'est anglaise partie du gamersyde? :O
Merci, lol now i see thank you very mutch !
Commented on 2007-07-16 15:03:47
yeh the gamespot stage demo was great, but what really worries me is, if the levels are like maps with borders.. that wouldnt give it the feeling of being dropped on to a battlefield, but instead a mutliplayer match.
Commented on 2007-07-16 15:18:44
Can,t wait to jump out of a plane, screens look a bit off.
Commented on 2007-07-16 17:36:12 In reply to youen360
Posted by youen360
Moi je ne le trouve pas très beau lol, préfère Bio : hell highway, mais pour quoi vous parlez tous anglais :???
Parce que everybody here is on the English site?
Commented on 2007-07-16 17:47:35
Hahaha, que c'est marrant ^^
A new language?? Frenglish??
Commented on 2007-07-16 17:50:06
WWII Shooter this year for me = BiA: HH
Commented on 2007-07-16 18:49:32
It looks ok. The on the spot demo was very impressive.
Commented on 2007-07-16 19:13:35
i dont trust EA anymore , lets hope they make it.
Commented on 2007-07-16 19:31:27
i hope you dont get shot while your dropping down
coz that would kinda suck lol

unfortunatly this looks like the sort of game i would play - get shot and die after 5 mins - then turn off and never be bothered enough to carry on with.

thats what happend with call of duty 2 :( bad times...

but i traded it for something better :) good times...

EDIT. oh yeah it looks too dark too. dark games make me annoyed. because i want to be able to see where im shooting without having to put the brightness of my TV up to 100!!!!
Commented on 2007-07-17 00:13:57
Isn't the world tired of WW2 yet? I got tired of the weeks we spent studying the damn war in school.

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