PS3 Tuesday, July 24, 2007 | 11:00 PM

Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay

Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay

Finally here is some real gameplay of Metal Gear Solid 4, and wow the wait sure was worth it since we get 15 minutes of video commented by Kojima himself. I'm sorry to say I've had some encoding issues, but most of the video is quite good looking.
Update 2: 720p version available.

And for those who didn't know, there is another server available for logged users.

20th anniversary gameplay (720p)
Stream available soon
Download: MP4 HD
20th anniversary gameplay
Download: MP4
20th anniversary gameplay
Download: WMV

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Commented on 2007-07-24 17:52:36
Plik nieznany :(
edit: oh, it's up now... downloading.
Commented on 2007-07-24 17:55:30
stream is still encoding, patience :)
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:03:59
looks good, but not "wow", i think that some xbox-games (for example GoW) look as good as it
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:06:22
it's not as good looking as I hope... but the game seems fun... alot like... RE4
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:27:36
When i checked out a topic on the gametrailers forum, people were like "man if someone is gonna disagree that this is the best game ever, they don't know about gaming' others said it was beyond incredible and so worth the hype.

From the shots and low res quality movies i've seen i can't agree with that at all. I'm just gonna check out this video demo and then we'll see.
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:29:00
looks fantastic, no need to downplay
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:34:43
Looks good to me, not amazing, but good none the less.
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:37:14
game looks great. I only have a few issues with some of the animations, like the running or prone like running one? Kind of looks like they're running constipated or something. Other than that though, it looks great. I would say awesome, but no Raiden cameo prevents me from doing so!
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:45:40
honestly it doesnt look just looks normal and not mind-blowing like it was suppose to disapointed
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:52:00
It is gonna be great stealth game. Visuals are ok, nothing more at the moment.
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:52:12
Looks good, but it's no Gears of War graphically (well, Gears of War always looked better). Some of the gameplay looks fun, but I didn't like last part where he's part of the battle.
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:54:13
Just seen it and yes very dissapointing. Absolutely NOTHING has changed in the animation aspect, when i see animations from a game like COD 4 for example...maaaaaaaaan so much better. The environment and graphics look rather dull and boring to me, i find it really nothing special at all. I don't get all these people saying OMG...i don't see it.
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:54:23
I was expecting Kojima to do something special, not more of the same. Disappointing.
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:55:06
If you're into stealth games I guess this could be the holy grail for you because graphically I think it looks pretty amazing.

I keep hoping for a metal gear game that attracts me to it though because I really like the stories, but I just can't stand the gameplay, and now this looks like it'll unfortunately carry on that tradition =\
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:57:17
Hmmm, comments seem out of place with what I saw, but whatever
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:57:44
Things like ragdoll physics, where are they? At that part where Snake pops out from the block and shoots that guard, the way he falls not realistic at all, which it definitely should be though.
Commented on 2007-07-24 18:58:29 In reply to kenshin2418
Posted by kenshin2418
game looks great. I only have a few issues with some of the animations, like the running or prone like running one? Kind of looks like they're running constipated or something. Other than that though, it looks great. I would say awesome, but no Raiden cameo prevents me from doing so!
Are they still running like that? I mean that was my main gripe with the trailer of about half a year ago? WoW... ppl didn't notice that then and still aren't noticing it hehe.
Commented on 2007-07-24 19:05:20
The game looks amazing. Can't wait to see more. It's more of what I love with even better visuals and gameplay mechanics.
Commented on 2007-07-24 19:06:33
hmmmm looks great to me not wow but great,

but enviroments look empty

it captures well the mood of war tone country, but lacks the intensity for a game that takes place in one.
Commented on 2007-07-24 19:07:37
OK, Ive downloaded both versions and none of them work (QT complains a bad public atom was found in the movie, whatever that is...)

Commented on 2007-07-24 19:11:25
Visuals look run of the mill and they're still using MGS3's animation.
Commented on 2007-07-24 19:13:30
Looks good visually but nothing fantastic.

I like the neat touches though like the body checking for guns etc and when he got into the barrel and rolled into them lol.

The Camo trying to blend in is awful you stick out like sore thumb lol even with it.
Commented on 2007-07-24 19:16:19
Looks freaking AWESOME!!!
Commented on 2007-07-24 19:18:12
I'm a 360 owner. I don't have a ps3. This game looks amazing. The graphics aren't disapointing at all so I can't see why people are moaning. And it's certainly not 'more of the same'. I mean, you couldn't aim like that before, couldn't move in FPS mode, couldn't roll like that, search like like or camoflague like that. This game is for me, the only reason for a ps3. I love the idea that snake uses a ps3 controller to control that MK II thing. This game looks, graphic wise, absolutely fine. They may not be as good as, say Gears of War, but the character animation and level of detail gameplay wise is brilliant. Only thing I would say, is how does he get hold of all them weapons like an RPG, AK, P90, yada yada yada? Still though if the PS3 was cheaper in the UK by like 100 or 150 quid, I'd maybe think about getting this. It's just a shame about the rest of the ps3's line up in my opinion. I'd love to see a Jak and Daxter for example. Ratchet looks great but it's the same! STILL! After god knows how many versions!

Also, I think this looks too easy. You could go through most of the game, presumably except boss battles, staying on the floor, being camflauged in. However, that's pretty cool. Just easy,
Commented on 2007-07-24 19:19:05
Lots of reinvention, I think this will reinvent the series just like RE4. Still needs some work but that was fantastic! DO WANT!
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