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Mirror's Edge back on PC

Mirror's Edge back on PC

We were probably too much in a hurry last week to notice that the ultra settings of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst were not the highest and that there were also hyper settings. That's why we decided to prepare two more videos showing some "open world" side missions on ultra and hyper. It's really a shame that some textures still look very blurry when the game is fully maxed out. Enjoy!
Note: Nvidia released some new drivers yesterday and they have fixed the lighting bug we menntioned the other day.

Ultra settings (PC)
Hyper settings (PC)

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Commented on 2016-06-08 15:32:16
Is this considered Frostbite 3.0 engine? Has there been any news if Battlefield 1 is frostbite 4.0? Graphic whores want to know :P
Commented on 2016-06-09 14:43:20
Are there going to be PS4 videos as well?
Commented on 2016-06-09 14:47:39 In reply to n3xx
Sadly no, we haven't been sent a PS4 version. Sorry guys.
Commented on 2016-06-09 15:54:55
Ah, what a shame. Thanks for clearing it up.

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