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Mothership Zeta images

Mothership Zeta images

Bethesda never forgets to release some screenshots of their upcoming downloadable content for Fallout 3, this one named Mothership Zeta. And as you can see, it's all about aliens.

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Commented on 2009-07-21 17:32:05
Kill those greys! smug elitist bastards
Commented on 2009-07-21 18:16:04
I love Fallout 3, I love the universe, the gameplay, the style. These DLC packs always add something a little meatier than the 'additional weapon or two' for me.
Commented on 2009-07-21 20:58:22
i'm waiting on the GOTY edition with all these included for a fraction of the price...just like oblivion.
Commented on 2009-07-21 21:52:07
Haha, i didn't realize that it was fallout, just read the topic. As soon as i had a look at the pictures i was all like "This looks an awful lot like fallout". And it was.
Commented on 2009-07-21 21:58:48
i dont really like this concept. Seems like they ran out of any real imaginative ideas.
Commented on 2009-07-21 22:58:08
Just finished Point Lookout and it is awesome! Even better than The Pitt.
Anchorage+Pitt+Lookout=20hrs of gameplay
Commented on 2009-07-21 23:07:26
All this should be in game from start...atleast ps3 version for BD reasons.
Commented on 2009-07-21 23:16:16 In reply to ACEfromRussia
Posted by ACEfromRussia
Anchorage+Pitt+Lookout=20hrs of gameplay
half of that is covering large expanses on foot lol.
Commented on 2009-07-21 23:25:33 In reply to whatscrackin
Posted by whatscrackin
half of that is covering large expanses on foot lol.
exploration is huge part of open world role playing games
Commented on 2009-07-22 00:18:17 In reply to whatscrackin
Posted by whatscrackin
half of that is covering large expanses on foot lol.
And that's why they let you teleport to locations you've already discovered....
Commented on 2009-07-22 03:16:14
Commented on 2009-07-22 03:36:29 In reply to phreakinpher
Posted by phreakinpher
And that's why they let you teleport to locations you've already discovered....
well if it's a new area like in these expansions you obviously can't teleport there. most of the places are far from the stock tele spots.
Commented on 2009-07-23 00:38:15
the last one!???T_T
i hope this is the good finishers for fallout 3 dlc.

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