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Music in Epic Mickey

Music in Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey is undoubtedbly a highly-anticipated game for Wii owners, partly because Warren Spector is in charge of the project. In this new video, we are presented with the music score of Disney Interactive's new game. In less than a month now, we will see four ourselves if this new title will live up to its promises.

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Commented on 2010-11-01 12:31:58
If they ported this to PS Move, I would very seriously consider buying a Move! This game looks... well, Epic i guess! :)
Commented on 2010-11-01 12:36:54
And I was paying no attention to this game, shame on me. This team gets that music can tell a great story, it's what gave Mirror's Edge a great story even though it had an average plot. The contextual music in ME told a story of oppression and your freedom gained through parkour and when it ended I felt a sense of longing, few games deliver this because of how integral music is for out drawing emotions. For a medium that can blend almost all art forms games need to place more emphasis as Epic micky has on the music aspect.
Commented on 2010-11-01 14:52:00 In reply to Razgriz18
Posted by Razgriz18
If they ported this to PS Move, I would very seriously consider buying a Move! This game looks... well, Epic i guess! :)
A Depth based pointing controlling scheme even more unprecise than Wiimote fast IR pointer technology? No thanks.

I have a Wii, people should buy one if they want its exclusives.
Commented on 2010-11-01 23:56:30
I'll buy a Wii just to support Warren Spector.
Commented on 2010-11-02 09:45:38
I'm so happy to have a Wii. This game will be a very nice Christmas gift! :D Go Mickey!
Commented on 2010-11-02 14:40:50
I predict this game will sell next to nothing, as it's too arty for the mainstream and is on the wrong platform for actual gamers.

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