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Never seen before gameplay video of TFLO

Never seen before gameplay video of TFLO

The January Famitsu Wave DVD was mostly about True Fantasy Live Online, with a lot of never seen before gameplay sequences. This video should have been released with subtitles but my friend who should have helped me with the translation is too busy with school for the moment, so it will be for later.
This video is the first one using the new download system using Bittorrent. You do not have to register anymore to be able to download !

Video famitsu Wave SHQ
Download: AVI
Video famitsu Wave
Download: AVI
Video famitsu Wave LQ
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2004-01-10 18:09:39
Doesn't Bittorrent contain spyware?
Commented on 2004-01-10 18:32:44 In reply to syphon0928
Nope, it's totally free and open source. Another reason to use that excellent protocol :)
Commented on 2004-01-11 00:25:56 In reply to BlimBlim
This video is Awesome!!

Great job, Xboxyde!
Commented on 2004-01-11 02:10:20 In reply to Arslan
Oh. So are you going to start using the Bittorrent system on future videos?
Commented on 2004-01-11 10:25:48 In reply to syphon0928
Yep, all new videos will use bittorrent in order to help my bandwidth a bit. After a few days / weeks these videos will be back to the old download system.
Commented on 2004-01-11 11:14:54 In reply to BlimBlim
How did you set up the tracker server is there a turtorial? I want to use this system for our Lord of the Rings fanclub ... is it hard to set up?

excellent idea! Keep up the great work!
Commented on 2004-01-11 11:48:47 In reply to Fardo
It's very easy to setup if you use a php tracker like I did.
Commented on 2004-01-11 13:48:29 In reply to BlimBlim
Thanx I will check it out ... great idea so we all share bandwidth :)
Commented on 2004-01-11 18:04:23 In reply to Fardo
Hey Blim, the php tracker link doesn't work...
Commented on 2004-01-11 18:05:58 In reply to syphon0928
Go there :
and click on download at the bottom of the page
Commented on 2004-01-11 22:49:44 In reply to BlimBlim
thanx... blimblim can you contact me via msn? Maybe we can help eachother news... send me an e-mail or pm ... I also hobby at (dutch xbox site)

.... I can help you with some news items (screens) etc.


Robin aka Fardo
Commented on 2004-01-12 02:53:26 In reply to Fardo
BitTorrent is quite possibly the second greatest thing* to ever grace the intarweb. Thank you for using it, now I can queue up a whole bunch of downloads and let them run over night. :)

*The first being pornography, obviously.

edit: Also, the new 'media viewer' for screenshots is great, too. The only other thing I could ask for with screenshots is if each post spawned a seperate pop-up window. Just now I was browsing the new Tekki screens in one window and then opened one of the DOA Online scans which took over the Tekki window. I can see the positives and negatives between having a single window for all posts and having a seperate window for each individual post, but, me, personally, I'd prefer the latter.

Oh, and one other thing, if I view a post in English, does that default the discussion thread to the English version only? It's just that I haven't ever seen this many English speaking posters in the one thread before. :p I felt rather rude in some of the other threads where I was the only one speaking English.

Anyways, good stuff, good stuff. :D
Commented on 2004-01-12 06:49:28 In reply to BuG
I'll see to opening different windows, it's easy to do.
If you browse the site in english, then yes any new thread you create in the games/news/regular forums will be in english too. It's a new feature since last week.
Commented on 2004-02-12 17:29:26 In reply to BlimBlim
Thanks again ... needed it ... going to set it up tonight or tomorow :)
Commented on 2004-04-15 12:05:07
Hey all Im a new to Xboxyde. Anyway Im waiting for the vids to download, it says its going to take 2 hours to download, is it worth it?
Commented on 2004-04-15 12:38:22 In reply to Peow
If you are even remotely interested in TFLO, then yes it's definitely worth the wait :)

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