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New images of Enslaved

New images of Enslaved

Ninja Theory's game Enslaved is back with ten new images. The less we could say is that it's pleasantly colorful for a game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Besides the game has now a subtitle: Odyssey to the West. The game is expected for a fall release.

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Commented on 2010-03-29 17:20:09
Looks very impressive :)
Commented on 2010-03-29 17:25:12
I love Ninja Theory.

This looks to be keeping up their standards.
Commented on 2010-03-29 17:28:18
i love Ninja theorys efferts in pacing a game, and upping the quality of CGI sequences and voice acting for this gen.. but i found Hevenly sword to be abit of a mess..and frankly boring.

This looks more promising.. i hope the framerates solid
Commented on 2010-03-29 18:04:43
I expect them to confirm little to none tearing, and a stable 30fps till I take notice in their work.
Commented on 2010-03-29 18:34:10
Reminds me of Bionic Commando, similar rendering.
Commented on 2010-03-29 19:49:03
Please be good!
Commented on 2010-03-29 20:13:07
The style makes me think Heavenly Commando...
Commented on 2010-03-29 20:21:03 In reply to Sath
Posted by Nit3m4re
Looks very impressive :)
Posted by Burglarize
I love Ninja Theory.

This looks to be keeping up their standards.
Posted by Sath
Please be good!
Commented on 2010-03-29 20:35:28
Very reminisent of the Prince of Persia re-boot. Some parkour, female companion helping you out... Art is very nice though.
Commented on 2010-03-29 21:19:19
i find it really odd that the woman looks SO MUCH like nariko from heavenly sword. it's almost as if she WAS going to be used in heavenly sword 2 (a title sony canned) and they just re-used the model in a different game...very strange tho. it's not even a slight similarity, it's basically nariko with here crazy dreds cut shorter.
Commented on 2010-03-30 00:33:10
Looks fantastic, but then so did Heavenly Sword, and we all know how much of a turd that turned out to be.

All the same, like with the guys at Chair Entertainment/Glyphx Games, I have always felt the guys at Ninja Theory have a lot of potential to become a truly awesome AAA developer - all they need is the right project and the right support structure, to see that potential come to fruition. Hopefully, Enslaved is that project. This game is looking hot, and I hope it plays as hot as it looks.
Commented on 2010-03-30 03:57:02
Heavenly Sword was a turd yes, but I think it also showed glimmers of hope that with enough time and polish a good game was just around the corner.

I'm not expecting a masterpiece, but I'm not counting them out yet either.
Commented on 2010-03-30 06:16:17
This feels very much like Heavenly Sword. Appears to be the same lead concept artist(s) from that game too as someone said above that some of the characters look really similar to Heavenly Sword.

I liked the look of HS though so, no complaints here. I'm a little concerned by some of the gameplay suggested though. I trust that it'll play better in motion than it looks based on the screens.

I look forward to seeing something at E3.
Commented on 2010-03-30 11:03:48
Was intrested..

then i saw a gun.

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