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New Lost Planet trailer

New Lost Planet trailer

Capcom US released this brand new trailer of Lost Planet on the Marketplace. This one is completely different from the usual awesome trailer of this game, but I guess it still works. It's worth mentioning that it's all CG, even if it seems like it's using the game's 3D models.

Theatrical Trailer

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Commented on 2006-12-07 20:44:57
Cool, thanks.
Hopefully i'll get back into this game.
Commented on 2006-12-07 20:47:12
Wow. 'Theatrical Trailer', I wonder if they'll show it in theaters. Heh, I wonder how many people will be going "OH WOW I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVI.. huh?"
Commented on 2006-12-07 20:48:20
kewl, but its nothing compared to halo 3 cgi
Commented on 2006-12-07 20:56:01 In reply to ApolloCreed
Posted by ApolloCreed
kewl, but its nothing compared to halo 3 cgi
and why is that exactly they are both fantastically made. or is it just because the other one is for Halo ...
Commented on 2006-12-07 21:06:05
Posted by BioSehnsucht
Wow. 'Theatrical Trailer', I wonder if they'll show it in theaters. Heh, I wonder how many people will be going "OH WOW I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVI.. huh?"
They've been showing it theaters for weeks already. At least in the US. I saw it before the 007 movie. And my brother said exactly that. ;-)
Commented on 2006-12-07 21:09:59 In reply to alimokrane
Posted by alimokrane
and why is that exactly they are both fantastically made. or is it just because the other one is for Halo ...
Well yes, But also because this is a lot closer to the games release, and there is little else left to show that wouldn't spoil it in some way.

For me, the halo 3 commercial just had that; 'HOLY C**P!' moment when be dropped that PSG and the wraith mortar hit. And of course it has Marty music.

But this, while cool, didn't really have that moment. The closest thing is when the big slug thing came out of the ground. And to those who have been following the game, thats old news.

Still, nice trailer. Well made, good looking, concise, with a big battle. :D
Commented on 2006-12-07 21:37:33
Looks very nice. I enjoyed the demo a lot, this should be an enjoyable game.
Commented on 2006-12-07 21:48:52
Great looking trailer. Good to see 360 games getting some serious advertising.
Commented on 2006-12-07 22:06:36
Love it..better than the Halo 3 ad!
Commented on 2006-12-07 22:13:22
the Halo 3 add was rubbish.. pure hype.

This is good.
Commented on 2006-12-07 22:13:41
not bad for trailer that doesn't use cgi
it seems all companies are doing this crazy ads is it M$ telling them or does just attarct gamers. first was gears, then halo 3, now lost planet, hope they show a mass effect one
Commented on 2006-12-07 22:21:46 In reply to gmulis
Posted by gmulis
not bad for trailer that doesn't use cgi
Lord have mercy...
Commented on 2006-12-07 22:23:46 In reply to f2hunter
Posted by f2hunter
the Halo 3 add was rubbish.. pure hype.
Nice to hear I'm not the only one who noticed this...
Commented on 2006-12-07 22:27:14 In reply to Myro
Posted by Myro
Lord have mercy...
I can hear Blim pulling his hair out from here :D
Commented on 2006-12-07 23:40:06
MS are realy rocking in the advert/ trailer department,
they are making games look like hollywood budget action movies. they realy do make you go "wow"

very nice tv friendly advert that prolly make nongamers want to know what "lost planet" and "halo3" are

my fave is the X06 bringing it home bioshock trailer...that makes the hair on the back of my kneck stand up
Commented on 2006-12-07 23:56:21
Wow, first everyone yells at sony for CG ads now you guys are encouraging MS? I mean I have no problem with CG ads they look awesome (though I'd also want to see ingame ads). But when people bitch at others for this and once they get it they love it :-/ odd.
Commented on 2006-12-07 23:56:28
Halo 3 trailers have been awful alll CG no real in game used at all, atleast other lost planet traielrs showed in game
Commented on 2006-12-08 00:06:03
Showing CG is circumstancial. Showing CG when you're suppost to unveil a console to the world where people expect to see realime examples of what the hardware will be able to do, and lie and say that it's realtime is unethical. All other circumstances are ok especially once you have seen/played the game already.
Commented on 2006-12-08 00:48:54
very cool

want this game
Commented on 2006-12-08 01:58:31
i love this game different atmosphere from the once we are used to,design, realistic animation extrem weather effects, fun and balanced gameplay style

finally a japanese dev who sees potential in the xbox360
Commented on 2006-12-08 04:09:46
Not quite sure why they're showing CG when the actual game is more than capable of wowing people. Whatever, still nice........I guess.
Commented on 2006-12-08 06:17:59
zhen tmd shuang a !!
Commented on 2006-12-08 11:13:44

This game has an amazing graphics, I hope we'll see more and more in the future.
I can't wait till it's released ^_^
Commented on 2006-12-08 12:04:39
looks awesome as always. ^^
Commented on 2006-12-08 13:08:28
The difference between Microsoft and Sony is that MS actually say when it's CGI...
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