TRAILER | X360, PS3, PC Tuesday, February 19, 2013 | 3:19 PM

New trailer of BioShock Infinite

New trailer of BioShock Infinite

The latest trailer of BioShock Infinite deals with the mysterious girl from Columbia that Booker will have to rescue in order to clear his debt.

Lamb of Columbia

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Commented on 2013-02-19 15:54:51
Looks nice, but the music for the trailer is a little bit off, IMO. I prefered that ambient music in previous trailers.
Commented on 2013-02-19 21:13:12
this video lags bad when you download it cant even watch it thats a first.
Commented on 2013-02-19 22:00:09
Pretty good trailer,love the art design of this game so far.
Commented on 2013-02-20 01:33:58
Elizabeth: Booker are you afraid of god?

Booker DeWitt: "No, I'm afraid of you!"

Really, shouldn't that be the other way around. Your the one leaping off build to building, battling big as birds and power house people, exploding shit, and the one going around killing people. Shouldn't she be afraid of you?
Commented on 2013-02-20 12:51:11
Did they redesign elizabeth??
She looks older in this trailer.
Commented on 2013-02-20 12:57:18 In reply to Schaber
Posted by Schaber
Did they redesign elizabeth??
She looks older in this trailer.
they keep fucking with he design. looks worse tbh.
Commented on 2013-02-20 19:19:43
Maybe she ages and changes appearance throughout the game since she does bend and play with time?
Just an idea

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