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NFS Most Wanted: Get Wanted

NFS Most Wanted: Get Wanted

This new trailer of Need for Speed: Most Wanted shows the possibilites you have to make trouble for the cops such as switching cars mid-chase.

Get Wanted

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Commented on 2012-09-25 19:43:45
Copy Driver much Criterion? Teleporting into cars is not good! lol
Commented on 2012-09-25 20:33:59
So let me get this straight. In the six year old launch title of Most Wanted you could interact with destructible parts of the enviroment to knock some of the cops off the chase and in this one they took all of that out and give you..... phantom car switching?? Come on Criterion, if Black Box could do it you should've been able to do it twice as well.
Commented on 2012-09-26 11:13:23
Worst thing in racing games. I mean that teleportation.
Commented on 2012-09-26 12:47:22 In reply to Xoar
Posted by Xoar
Copy Driver much Criterion? Teleporting into cars is not good! lol
it was actually the coolest thing about driver. made it stand out from the crowd. made it fun.
Commented on 2012-09-26 13:26:00
For me it was by far the worst part of Driver and it was the part 99% of Driver fans did not want!
Commented on 2012-09-30 23:59:02
Hmmm, what a shit idea...

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