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Ni no Kuni II coming to PC

Ni no Kuni II coming to PC

Bandai Namco revealed that Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom will also release on PC this year, a first for the series from Level-5. New screenshots after the jump.

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Commented on 2017-01-26 16:27:59
I'm so damn happy this was announced for PC. Looks like an amazing game that builds on the already great game that was Ni no Kuni 1. Now I just wish Bandai Namco would release Ni no Kuni 1 on PC as well. Hopefully if the second sells well on PC, they will consider porting it over.

Now to wait for the Final Fantasy 15 (Finished Edition) announcement for PC. And a very crazy dream, maybe Persona 5 as well.
Commented on 2017-01-26 19:04:48
This is going to need to grow up a lot compared to the first one. I liked the first. But a lot of it was the ghibli style. The story was turd and i'm pretty sure the gameplay was design with brain damaged children in mind (it was honestly insulting, even as a "kids game") Start to end it held your hand. Told you exactly what you had to do at all times. If its just that again, i don't think even ghibli's lovely art style can save it.
Commented on 2017-01-28 06:56:38
Can't believe it ! Why??
Ok any way this is a chance to remaster number one on ps4 and port it for PC
If they dont doing that Idk why they even want's to make number2 it for pc
Commented on 2017-01-28 11:33:27
maybe it witll be a worthwhile game this time around?

fix the shitty long pokemon battles they need more Grandia's quality. slow pacing. and utter mediocre sidequests, almost baby's first jrpg bad.

then the rest will follow.
Commented on 2017-01-28 19:14:43 In reply to KORNdog
Wow. I thought you liked jrpgs.
Commented on 2017-01-28 20:51:09 In reply to melodeon
Posted by melodeon
Wow. I thought you liked jrpgs.
Not particularly. I think I've managed to complete 3 in my entire life. Not sure what gave you that impression tbh. Lol
Commented on 2017-01-29 14:38:17 In reply to KORNdog
My bad then.

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  • alimokrane
    alimokrane I am sorry nostalgia or not, those shenmues characters look like shot... This is truly embarrassing (18 minutes ago)
  • nostradamus
    nostradamus locations, and not really a game in development. So much time hiding a game, and this is wath the well known perfections Yu Suzuki shows with a straith face? Fucking kikckstarter strikes again! (1 Hour ago)
  • nostradamus
    nostradamus game, and it just had some dead eyes faces plasted to the mocaped bodies, it was trully bad. And the deserted city streets. This seems like a talented modder modeling of a "2000's type" of shenmue (1 Hour ago)
  • nostradamus
    nostradamus @AndreasZ94: too low? this is the 2007 where a fraction of AAA games had a facial mo-cap rig. The main characters are the low bar of what we expect of decent facial expressions and lip-sync in this (1 Hour ago)
  • nostradamus
    nostradamus dreamcast faces are like 2 or 3 generations ahead. (3 Hours ago)
  • KORNdog
    KORNdog @AndreasZ94: it looks like they took a dreamcast game, made all the assets look pretty. And that's it...i'm ok with this. Lol. (7 Hours ago)
  • AndreasZ94
    AndreasZ94 Im not expecting top of the line stuff because the budget is very low by AAA standards but they need to do better when it comes to facial expressions (7 Hours ago)
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