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Ninety Nine Nights images

Ninety Nine Nights images

Microsoft released a new bunch of images from Ninety Nine Nights, and just as always, it looks... schizophrenic. I don't know what to think about the graphics anymore, but with the demo released within a month, I guess we all should know by the time the full game is released.
Update: Final Japanese boxart added.

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Commented on 2006-02-10 20:07:26
Commented on 2006-02-10 20:14:06
looks cool. but i think i sould be in this game cause i rule!
Commented on 2006-02-10 20:18:53
Some pics look better than others. The pics that look good are awesome.
Commented on 2006-02-10 20:30:24
I hope teh b00bies will have realistich physics ^^
Commented on 2006-02-10 20:32:17
After seeing the kill count and combo totals, this is all about gameplay for me now.
Can't wait till I pull off my first 10,000 hit max combo, it could be quite orgasmic!
Commented on 2006-02-10 20:33:42
It's the EYES! look at the friggin EYES!!
Commented on 2006-02-10 20:36:01
Is Image 3, really real time? it's too beautiful
Commented on 2006-02-10 20:39:22
the amount of people in pic 14 is impressive but i dont like that weird blur effect,iv noticed this in a few 360 games
Commented on 2006-02-10 20:52:20
Looks great, can't wait to masacre thousands of enemey troops.
Commented on 2006-02-10 20:59:12
Amazing... I'm a huge fan of that witch now :) Also is it just me or can you see that the girl in the purple is wearing some sort of thong?

A couple jaggies here and there, but with 100 people working on this game you can rest assured that there will probably be no jaggies in the final version of this game as a matter of fact i've yet to see a 360 game with jaggies in it and there were some present I certainly didn't notice them.

All i know is each and every character in this game better be able to improve on those blue orb spark attacks. I mean they should level up with the character and become more devastating actually thats a given no way they'd be crazy enough to let you go through the entire game with the same orb sparc attack you OBVIOUSLY level up in this game for a reason.
Commented on 2006-02-10 21:08:18
This game looks awesome as usual.
Commented on 2006-02-10 21:10:55
It looks very bright, as though the gamma was turned up too much.
Commented on 2006-02-10 21:17:37
Hella compressed.
Commented on 2006-02-10 21:25:47
Beautiful… The more I see the more I like.
And guys, calm down a bit… in the heat of the combat, you won’t have time to stare at digital b00bies…
Commented on 2006-02-10 21:29:45 In reply to Terra
Posted by Terra
Beautiful… The more I see the more I like.
And guys, calm down a bit… in the heat of the combat, you won’t have time to stare at digital b00bies…
HAH! Thats what you think =P
Commented on 2006-02-10 21:33:02
So pray for a decent continue system then…
Commented on 2006-02-10 21:34:45
man that witch woman looks sexy. (i really hope she's over 18 :\)
Commented on 2006-02-10 22:09:06
Dude, you perv, she's 12! ;-) It says so in her bio. Actually, even Inphyy (the red warrior) is supposed to be only 17. But at least she LOOKS like an adult.

Damn underaged characters...
Commented on 2006-02-10 23:06:49 In reply to Splicer261
Posted by Splicer261
It's the EYES! look at the friggin EYES!!
The glassy eyes and the shiny lip gloss indeed look awsome, hehe :)

Very pretty character art.
Commented on 2006-02-10 23:10:40
Stop acting like sexually depraved geeks and appreciate the beautiful art direction for once. This game looks absolutely amazing.
Commented on 2006-02-10 23:11:56
Well said synce... Really nice art here.
Commented on 2006-02-10 23:24:18
I'm just gonna go ahead and say I think the character design in this game is some of the most inspired and unique I've seen in this type of context. Especially facial characteristics are extremely distinctive, and it's such a difference from the usual fare where swapping the hair colour and clothes would have you confused as to who's actually who.

Still worried about stiff looking gameplay vids, but I put my faith into the Mizu-ness and the fact that his games always have a special mechanic to them that goes beyond what the genre normally offers.
Commented on 2006-02-11 00:46:51
is image 3 in real time ... WOW!
Commented on 2006-02-11 00:52:40
Gourgeous simpley this is nice i love this game..
Commented on 2006-02-11 00:54:10 In reply to alimokrane
Posted by alimokrane
is image 3 in real time ... WOW!
I dont think so it looks cinematic, but it could be
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