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Ninja Gaiden : Character profiles

Ninja Gaiden : Character profiles

The latest famitsu got the scoop detailing all the main characters of Ninja Gaiden. DOAX_Izuna Otoshi of the excellent neotaku translated all the profiles and allowed me to post them here. Enjoy a bit more informations about all the characters !

Ryu Hayabusa:
He is a ninja who mastered the techniques of the School of Hayabusa Ninjutsu. He is the strongest ninja in the entire world. He weilds the legendary Dragon Sword, "Ryuken", which was passed down from many years ago. He marches alone into the Vigor empire to take revenge for his Shinobi village.
She is a Shinto maiden who lives in the Shinobi village. She tries to entrust Hayabusa with something though, and she'll be killed by an attack made by the Vigor Empire. She is a tragic heroine who has an important role.
He left the Shinobi village and set up "Chou tou ha Ninja group, Shadow school". He sets up a ninja Yashiki (residence) and spends all his hours on rigourous training, building his strength and his muscles every day. He is a professional Nunchaku user and also Hayabusa's uncle.
She is a Kunoichi who is a professional of the "Mugen Tenshin" school (Hajinmon faction). Also a character from "DOA", she appears as a guest this time. She seems to have appeared in front of Hayabusa suddenly, but we don't know her true purpose...
She is a mysterious beauty who appears as a brave figure, wearing a huge hammer on her back. She will be going to meet Hayabusa in Tairon city of the Vigor empire. Nobody knows her purpose.
Daug Jyu-ki kyou (Lord Daug):
He looks a human figure, but with armor though, a purple flame jets out of his armor's joints, he is definitely not human. He attacked the Shinobi village. There might be a connection with Hayabusa....
He is a commander of MSAT (special riot police) affiliated with the Vigor Empire. He changed half of his huge body into a machine, and tries to attack Hayabusa with a powerful Stungun.
Aruma Jyu-ki kyou (Lord Aruma):
She is a powerful sorceress who waits in a cathedral of the Vigor Empire. She has wings, so she seems to attack from the air. (Jyu-ki kyou means a wizard who has a transcending power).
He is a strange man, wearing a brown trench coat and round glasses. He is a certain informant from the Vigor Empire, and commands the special riot police. There is no more information about him that we can get.
Kokushi Daikyou:
He is a mysterious man who wears black clothes and hides his face with an iron mask. His affiliation and purpose are not known though, but it is confirmed that he was seen with Gamof. What is his connection?
He is a storekeeper of Muramasa weapons shop which is located in Tairon city. He is familiar with weapons of all ages and countries and notices the true worth of the "Ryuken" Hayabusa holds. He is a vital person Hayabusa can depend on in enemy territory.

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