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Oneechanbara X for Xbox 360

Oneechanbara X for Xbox 360

Here are the first "scans" of Oneechanbara X, published by D3 for Xbox 360. It's obviously a very high class game, but the PS2 version was quite fun according to some people, so... To be released this winter in Japan.
Update : Better quality scans.

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Commented on 2006-07-19 13:26:59
Yeah we got ourselves another AAA title here :P
Commented on 2006-07-19 13:29:36
lol.. this makes me think of DOAX mixed with DMC
Commented on 2006-07-19 13:31:43
Now she is sexy!
Commented on 2006-07-19 13:32:46
Well i'm sure the Japanese will like it ;)
Commented on 2006-07-19 13:37:42
I heard the game wasn't that great to begin with.
Commented on 2006-07-19 13:40:18
Damn I wish I lived in Japan ... I love this type of games bullet witch now this one
Commented on 2006-07-19 13:53:52
Well this looks delicious for start and thats for sure... it reminds me a bit of Bullet Witch but thats just because all the japanese magazines and illustration look alike
Commented on 2006-07-19 13:58:27
wow! SIMPLE 2000 series in Xbox 360!
Commented on 2006-07-19 15:13:17 In reply to ApolloCreed
Posted by ApolloCreed
Yeah we got ourselves another AAA title here :P
Commented on 2006-07-19 15:33:27
After Bullet Witch and all the whining it got since it looked like crap etc etc...maybe we should reserve our opinion regarding this game until more info is released.
Commented on 2006-07-19 16:28:46
cant see how japan isnt excited about the 360... i dont like japanese games and im excited about bulletwitch and some of the others like this lol
Commented on 2006-07-19 16:30:33
The reason this game is better than DOA... Slightly more realistic skin textures on the chick... hmmm they really shud drop the cartoon style skin completely :)
Commented on 2006-07-19 16:32:24
I'm very interested in this game ;)
Commented on 2006-07-19 16:39:37
This game looks great. I can't wait for Bullet Witch...one more week!

/the character does look delicious as well.
Commented on 2006-07-19 17:01:58
So many cool games that most probably will never make it out of Japan... in the future I'll mod my Xbox360 just to import these games.
Commented on 2006-07-19 17:24:41 In reply to ExSatoshi
Posted by ExSatoshi
So many cool games that most probably will never make it out of Japan... in the future I'll mod my Xbox360 just to import these games.
Well, we can always hope that these game won't be region encoded. Then you won't need to mod.
Commented on 2006-07-19 17:34:42 In reply to ExSatoshi
Posted by ExSatoshi
So many cool games that most probably will never make it out of Japan... in the future I'll mod my Xbox360 just to import these games.
Seriously :(

This game looks awesome
Commented on 2006-07-19 17:44:06
Looks...... interesting to say the least. Probably never see it outside japan though.
Commented on 2006-07-19 17:46:07
We need to find someone who can translate all the Famitsu scans to english...

This game should please the rumble roses type gamers....
Commented on 2006-07-19 18:15:35
It's Oneechanbara, not Oneechan"a"bara.
The series themselves were casual hack'n slash games. Since they released as "simple 2000 series" (2000 yen priced budget labels), There are not much technical eye candy.

D3Publisher always makes games on a tight budget and known as VERY "Hit or Miss" developer.
So I'm interested in what games will come, if they allowed to make full-priced games.
This is not my type of game though.
Commented on 2006-07-19 18:19:33 In reply to mappy
Posted by mappy
It's Oneechanbara, not Oneechan"a"bara.
Thank you, we argued about that ourselves. It's changed now.
Commented on 2006-07-19 18:22:17
You can see bit of gameplay from last years Oneechanbara 2 (PS2) here http://www.d3p.co.jp/top/movie/s20_090.wmv
It'll give you some idea what to expect from X360 version.
Commented on 2006-07-19 18:37:20 In reply to Pyrochaos
Sadly, japanese games are almost always region locked. I can just hope a Xbox360 Freeloader is released any day so I don't have to gut my X360...
Commented on 2006-07-19 18:46:19
So is this like that game where when you get hit your clothes fall off? :)
Commented on 2006-07-19 19:07:23
oooooooooooooooooooo i like.....
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