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Ori & the Blind Forest live replay

Ori & the Blind Forest live replay

After spending two evenings in a row playing Ori and the Blind Forest, after successfully progressing through the game once our two livestreams were finished, we can say that we have completely fallen under the game's spell. You'll need a bit of dexterity and patience to overcome some passages, but the feeling of satisfaction when you succeed is definitely worth it. If you're still wondering whether or not to purchase the game, check out both our replays, the middle and end of the French one being different from what we showed you in English yesterday.
Update: We continued to livestream the game in private yesterday and we've edited the Twitch recording and added some music to share it with you. More challenge, new areas, and a few drops due to Twitch, not the game!

FR replay
EN replay
Musical replay

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Commented on 2015-03-11 12:40:34
Everytime i see new footage 'Joe Cocker - You are so beautiful' comes to my mind. Damn, i've fallen in love with this game. Can't wait to play it myself.
Commented on 2015-03-11 21:50:17
That soundtrack is just as gorgeous as the rest of the game.
Pity you didn't include more than just the 2 tracks that are available.
Commented on 2015-03-11 22:25:41 In reply to SplitTongue
Well I was not going to pay for the full soundtrack for a simple video (knowing that few people would watch :p). And MS didn't answer me when I asked if they could provide us with the soundtrack.
Commented on 2015-03-11 22:42:56 In reply to Driftwood
I understand. And of course i wouldn't bet on MS to provide any game soundtracks. Either way, it's still very enjoyable to watch, so thanks to sir you for putting it up. :-)
Commented on 2015-03-11 22:51:51 In reply to SplitTongue
You're welcome, but I was really frustrated to have two tracks only.
Commented on 2015-03-12 00:00:18
I'm baffled i can't find the OST on Steam but on Amazon only. Don't they sell soundtracks on Steam anymore ? :-/
Commented on 2015-03-12 02:16:31 In reply to SplitTongue
Hi, Steam does sell soundtracks as well, but it seems Moon Studios didn't put Ori and the Blind Forest's soundtrack for sale on Steam, only at other retailers.

Also, when searching for a soundtrack on Steam, try using the "Downloadable Content" filter, so it mostly returns only games' soundtracks. Example below:

Alternatively, you can click on the developer/publisher links so it returns everything being sold by each (the developer link is better as it returns less results.) Example below:

Below is a news post from yesterday about Ori's soundtrack and the retailers selling it:


March 10th 2015:

With just hours to go before the release of the game, we at Moon Studios are happy to announce the release of the soundtrack for Ori and the Blind Forest.

Ori’s Soundtrack was composed by Gareth Coker, featuring solo artists Aeralie Brighton, Rachel Mellis, and Tom Boyd, and performed by the Nashville Music Scoring Orchestra.

The digital album is now available at iTunes, Amazon, and numerous other digital music retailers.

We’re very proud of what Gareth accomplished with this soundtrack and we hope you enjoy it!

Moon Studios"


I could only found Ori’s Soundtrack in the Amazon, iTunes and Google play stores, below are the links to each and their respective prices:

Amazon - $9.49:

iTunes - $9.99:

Google play - $9.49:

Note: Google play said it was unavailable in my country, but I was able to see the page using Google cache, maybe it is available in your country.

Google cache link:

As a plus, here's a video on how Ori and the Blind Forest's soundtrack was made.

Ori and the Blind Forest - Making of Soundtrack:
Commented on 2015-03-12 13:13:24 In reply to Sdarts
Thanks, i appreciate it. :-)
Commented on 2015-03-16 00:44:28 In reply to SplitTongue
Xbox Music as well...

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