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Our PS4 videos of Dark Souls III

Our PS4 videos of Dark Souls III

Third and final part of the saga, Dark Souls III is certainly the most anticipated games in the series. After a successful first episode marked by its difficulty and its incredible level design, the second game tried to do better a few years later but failed to convince everyone. Having received a copy of the game recently, we can't propose a review yet, but there will obviously be one on hte French side as soon as possible. To make it up for you guys, we are happy to show you the beginning of the adventure captured on PS4. Inside, you'll get to see a few simple fights, some more complicated ones and also the first boss encounter.

PS4 - Intro
PS4 - Character Creation
PS4 - First Fights
PS4 - First Challenge
PS4 - First Boss
PS4 - Firelink Shrine
PS4 - Uchigatana

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Commented on 2016-04-04 09:17:04
Next Tuesday man, can't wait!
Commented on 2016-04-04 10:14:07
Is this the patched version?
Commented on 2016-04-04 13:24:16
Well, the reviews are great. The only thing I worry about as I heard from my good source is that is the most easiest part of the Souls games.
And the game is short. Of course as a Souls game. Blind walkthrough without few optional bossess - 33h.
In Dark Souls1 it took over 40h to expierence Ornstein&Smough (my first Souls game ever and fucked up PC port)
Commented on 2016-04-04 14:08:44 In reply to dohr07
Posted by dohr07
Is this the patched version?
It's 1.01 version.
Commented on 2016-04-04 14:10:02 In reply to Dan2510
Dark Souls 1 on pc probably isn't the best comparison of completion time assuming you're counting the dlc that came with the pc version.
Commented on 2016-04-04 14:38:19
Hope to see your pc video of ds3.

Btw, anyone know whether gtx965m will handle the 60fps game play?

Already bought the ps4 version, want to play the so-called complete version of this game, but not sure whether my gaming laptop can play this game with 60fps, also, my desktop is gtx760, 60fps ok or not?
Commented on 2016-04-04 15:34:40 In reply to Dan2510
Posted by Dan2510
Well, the reviews are great. The only thing I worry about as I heard from my good source is that is the most easiest part of the Souls games.
The first souls-game you play will most likely be the hardest as you're learning with each you play. What's interesting is how hard DS3 is for someone who's not played any games in the series before. The game could be the hardest in the series, but if you've played the others 1000's of hours you will probably not have big problems with it.
Commented on 2016-04-05 13:17:34
Playtime depends how carefully you explore every Aerea. Maybe i am getting old but in my opinion its the hardest Souls Game so far. No the Bosses but some very nasty standart Mobs. ( Scythe Guys with red eyes i hate em )
So far about 20 hours ... got the Japanese XB1 Version. The Game is faster but somehow only the Enemies seem to have an Advantage.
Commented on 2016-04-07 16:53:12
Fps? From Software is asfull with fps, i dont know how they are developing for VR lol
Commented on 2016-04-07 16:55:08 In reply to viHuGi
Posted by viHuGi
Fps? From Software is asfull with fps, i dont know how they are developing for VR lol
Holy shitballs, if they make a PSVR King's Field game, that would be the best thing ever. Fuck sliced bread. Why did you have to put that thought in my head!? :)
Commented on 2016-04-11 01:41:42
I just found out the Collector's Edition won't include the season pass! That's lame. Now I have to go to Gamestop, because PSN only sales the deluxe edition for the season pass.

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