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Our PS4 videos of PES 2015

Our PS4 videos of PES 2015

PES 2015 will finally be available in a few days in Europe but since Konami sent us a copy of the game a bit early, we managed to capture a bunch of videos. We haven't had time to learn the game much, so don't expect to see some crazy goals or moves, but what we've played so far seems pretty promising in many respects. Technically, this PS4 version is smooth and doesn't suffer from too much aliasing but its main improvement over last year's edition is mostly in the gameplay department. It's not perfect yet by any means, but it's a definitely interesting soccer game to play, at least from what we've seen.
Update: Gameplay video added.

Highlights #1
Highlights #2
Player intro & Highlights
Become a Legend #1
Become a Legend #2
Real Madrid vs Juventus

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Commented on 2014-11-10 16:19:17
Unreal how the gameplay approach and the major animations didn't change that much since the last time I bought a PES game, which was the very first one from last gen. Like 7 or 8 years ago? Something like that. Im so glad I did listen to a close friend last gen and tried other game. But only when I was able to play it at its full potential, I believed. Yeah, I also was a PES non believer back then.

Don't get me wrong: Much respect to KOMANI guys and many thanks for the years they brought me tons of fun with PES, especially on PS2 era. I wish them all the best luck and honestly hope they keep bringing a lot of fun to gamers who enjoy their approach to the game.
Commented on 2014-11-10 16:20:06
Thanks for the videos, Drift.

It'll be interesting to see how this game is received critically, as it plays a much more balanced and realistic game of football than this years Fifa, which is riddled with serious issues such as terrible AI individually and team wise, horribly fast pace, and repetitive end-to-end basketball style games because of the lack of midfield. That's the problems with Fifa, and I haven't even touched on the gamebreaking issues like the ridiculous shoot from anywhere finesse shots which beat the keeper, and the keepers being terrible with consistent brain malfunctions. Anyway, the game got praised in reviews as usual, averaging 8's to 9's with a sprinkling of 7's here and there. We know PES has it licensing issues, but the gameplay appears to be on the right track, but I can't see many reviewers getting past why their favourite teams aren't called what they're supposed to be called, and why they are wearing a strange looking kit. We'll see. Hopefully the game sells well enough so that Konami might feel like spending more money on it to improve it further down the line.
Commented on 2014-11-10 20:47:40
Good night Fifa, The King is back....while not back to it's best yet it's finally on the right path again.
Commented on 2014-11-12 19:17:14
I honestly can't see how this is "the king is back". I was a huge PES fan on PS2 but this is far from that level. The animations are sub-par, the gameplay is weak and is more "tackle & run" than FIFA was during PS2/Xbox era.
Commented on 2014-11-12 20:39:49
Gameplay wise it's the best football game since Fifa 09 or WC10 or PES wise PES 6. Leagues ahead of Fifa in recent years.
Commented on 2014-11-13 17:07:24 In reply to Trebby
Agree. I also was a huge fan. But since last gen they are not even comparable in my opinion. Its like a different league just from the gameplay alone. Not to mention the rest. I still have a huge respect for Konami guys, but to me they got stuck into an old formula.

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