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Our PS4 videos of SOMA

Our PS4 videos of SOMA

As you already know if you've taken the time to read our full review, watch our commented gameplay video, or even just listen to the mp3 version to avoid any spoilers, SOMA is really one of our most favorite games in the past few months. It's a very atmospheric title whose main theme is just excellent and it is undeniably Frictional Games' best game to date. We just got our hands on the PS4 version so here are a few videos for you to see how it runs. Aside from some quite surprising slowdowns in the very beginning, the game seems to run at 30 fps most of the time, even in the underwater sections which are a bit more open than the corridors of Pathos II. What is a bit annoying though are the freezes you get every time you reach a checkpoint, giving you the impression that you're playing Half Life² and waiting for the next area to load.

Gameplay #1 - PS4
Gameplay #2 - PS4
Gameplay #3 - PS4
Gameplay #4 - PS4

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Commented on 2015-09-22 08:32:15
Wait, so if you are being chased and you reach a checkpoint the game will freeze for a few seconds? Also a little bit disappointing that the price is 30 euros, Outlast was 15 and run perfectly at 60fps. Still buying it though.
Commented on 2015-09-22 08:46:20
I just watched the videos. Wow, the frequent freezing is gonna get very annoying really soon. Its 2015! I haven't seen this problem since early ps3, xbox 360 games. Waiting for a patch maybe?
Commented on 2015-09-22 09:58:49 In reply to AndreasZ1994
You can't be chased and reach a checkpoint. That never happens.
Commented on 2015-09-22 18:11:16 In reply to AndreasZ1994
Posted by AndreasZ1994
Also a little bit disappointing that the price is 30 euros, Outlast was 15 and run perfectly at 60fps. Still buying it though.
I'm not sure I understand the correlation. Outlast wasn't made by the same developers, on the same engine and isn't the same game. I'm also baffled by what price and framerate have to do with each other. Price is based upon the market, the developers' need to recoup and value. While framerate can influence value, the lack of 60fps makes this game and the developer's work no less valuable.

Lastly, I played Outlast on consoles. I don't remember it being 60fps.
Commented on 2015-09-22 18:16:08 In reply to twitchfactor
Posted by twitchfactor
Lastly, I played Outlast on consoles. I don't remember it being 60fps.
it was largely locked at 60fps as far as i'm aware...but suffered torn frames if it couldn't achieve it. it also looked like ass compared to SOMA. swings and roundabouts.
Commented on 2015-09-23 15:46:29 In reply to KORNdog
This doesn't exactly look amazing visually either...surprised they couldn't get 60fps.

Fuck those frequent pauses directly against the immersion

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