GSY VIDEO | PC, PS4, Xbox One Tuesday, August 15, 2017 | 12:45 PM

Our videos of Agents of Mayhem

Our videos of Agents of Mayhem

Since we finally got back from our vacation yesterday, we haven't had much time to discover Agents of Mayhem to tell you about it. Still, we managed to record the beginning of this crazy adventure on PC (PS4 footage should be up later today), so you can see if there is anything you like in it. We have quite a few games to show you today, with more to come later this week, so this second part of August is looking quite busy already. To think Gamescom is also around the corner...
Update 2: 4 PS4 Pro videos added, one of them analysing the framerate. Sadly, it's unlocked with no way to lock it at 30 while the game can never really reach 60. Why?

Note: The PC version seems quite demanding as our GTX 1080 could not maintain a steady 60 fps with ultra settings and a full HD resolution. We'll post more PC videos this morning.

Gameplay #1 (PC/Ultra)
Gameplay #2 (PC/Ultra)
Gameplay #3 (PC/Ultra)
Gameplay #4 (PC/Ultra)
Gameplay #5 (PC/Ultra)
Gameplay #6 (PC/Ultra)
Rama #1 (Normal Sun Shadow)
Rama #2 (Sun Shadow Normal)
PS4 Pro Gameplay #1
FPS Analysis (PS4 Pro)
PS4 Pro Gameplay #2
PS4 Pro Gameplay #3

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Commented on 2017-08-15 12:21:23
i honestly feel kinda bad for the developers who spent god know how many years making this, their first current gen only title and thinking it was actually good lol

they should have stuck to saints row. it wasn't exactly what i'd consider a good game either, but it at least had an audience and some cool customization features...oh, and co-op.
Commented on 2017-08-15 13:20:46
FreeSpace 2
Commented on 2017-08-15 13:23:35
Saints Rows 3 and 4 were great games at their time. Very funny too, which seems to be becoming a less and less thing nowadays, unfortunately.

Agents of Mayhem on the other hand, looks dull for some reason. Both gameplay and artsyle. Feels like a game that didn't evolve with the times. Yesterday, I was looking at it on Steam and really wanted to pre-order it for the 9 skins - which actually look cool for once and the Gat exclusive character, missions and weapons, but something stopped me, telling me to wait for reviews.

Driftwood, have you managed to figure out why even at 1080p, a GTX 1080 can't maintain rock-solid 60fps on a title that doesn't look technically demanding? Maybe the developers botched one or two of the graphics settings - happens quite often.

Any chance you guys can livestream Agents of Mayhem and/or Sonic Mania today?
Commented on 2017-08-15 13:57:24 In reply to Sdarts
Sun Shadow settings are quite demanding, Nvidia HFTS or Nvidia PCSS Plus are not easy to handle, even with a powerful GPU.
Commented on 2017-08-15 14:08:56 In reply to Driftwood
Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully, turning those off or setting it to low helps maintain a solid 60fps on lower-end GPUs without much loss on visual quality.

But the true problem seems to be - I haven't played, so can only go by reviews - the game's quality. It seems to be a very polarizing game.

It has a MetaCritic score of 68, based on 29 critics. And a User Score of 5.9, by 19 users. Additionally, IGN gave it a score of 7.1, out of 10. Polygon gave it a score of 5.5, out of 10. GameSpot gave a score of 4, ouf of 10. Though there are some reviews above 80 from lesser known sites.

Guess I was right in waiting for reviews, still hoping that the game is fun, contrary to some reviews. But like they say, the best judge is yourself. Though I will wait a while for a discounted price.
Commented on 2017-08-16 07:23:42
" The PC version seems quite demanding as our GTX 1080 could not maintain a steady 60 fps with ultra settings and a full HD resolution."


game doesn't even have that much better graphics than Saints 4...
Commented on 2017-08-16 16:11:44
Looks like launch title for PS3)
Commented on 2017-08-16 16:23:51 In reply to Archer5
Some people tend to forget what launch titles looked like on PS3 it seems.
Commented on 2017-08-17 07:36:19
Your PC performance is low because the sun shadow setting you're choosing is essentially raytracing. (HFTS)
Commented on 2017-08-17 09:30:13 In reply to phillipstuerzl
Which is exactly what I said 6 posts above, but thank you.

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