FIRST 10 MINUTES | PS3 Friday, May 10, 2013 | 3:55 PM

Our videos of Deadly Premonition DC

Our videos of Deadly Premonition DC

After being released on 360 only almost three years ago, Deadly Premonition got its own Director's Cut version on PS3 last week. The controls have been improved overall and the resolution of the game too, the problem being now that the framerate took a serious hit. We'll you compare both versions with our videos inside and feel free to share your thoughts about the game. Once you get passed the horrible graphics and clunky controls, Access Games' title can be quite a memorable experience due to its great atmosphere and fantastic set of characters.

Introduction (PS3)
The first 10 Minutes #1 (PS3)
The First 10 Minutes #2 (PS3)
In town (PS3
In town (360)
360 gameplay

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Commented on 2013-05-10 16:04:53
lol @ this game and its bugs, animations, dialogs, driving physics, ugly graphics. It's funny for some reason. Makes me wanna play this game xD
Commented on 2013-05-10 16:32:23
always fancied this.. has a very twin peaks vibe. Might be a purest though and pick up the 360 version.. unless the DC comes with extra's?
Commented on 2013-05-10 18:00:18 In reply to bleachedsmiles
Posted by bleachedsmiles
always fancied this.. has a very twin peaks vibe. Might be a purest though and pick up the 360 version.. unless the DC comes with extra's?
It's an absolutely unique and awesome game. I have and played the 360 version and wanted to play this game again. Thought I'd wait for the Director's Cut, see some extra scenes, let the developers get some more money out of this awesome title, but... The framerate is terrible, for the most part it's like 10-15fps. I played the game for 3 hours and just couldn't take it anymore, not the mention the weird stutters all the time. I'm not touching it until the patch comes (and I'm not even 100% sure it is). Believe me, it's not a hiccup here and there that you can care less about, it's some terrible performance ALL the time. Unless the patch arrives in the next few days, I'd wholeheartedly recommend the 360 version.
Commented on 2013-05-10 18:20:18
Reading the headline i was like "Huh, Deadly Premonition for the DC?" at first. Kinda THE befitting system of origin for this game if you ask me, since it's got 'mediocrity' written all over it, like it was a straight DC to PS3/360 port or something.
Commented on 2013-05-11 00:10:04
Haha. In the first 10 min vid, I see they kept the squirrels with monkey sound effects in the game. Always wondered if the devs did that intentionally for kicks and giggles. Still, I think Deadly Premonition was one of the most underrated games when it came out for the 360. People gave it a lot of flak for its dated graphics and low budget feel but the game had a lot of charm and soul that is hard to come by these days.
Commented on 2013-05-11 15:09:11
This looks like one of those mid budget Dreamcast or PS2 titles which received stealth Western releases. The budget must have been tiny, and the team, basically talentless. And yet despite the dreadful production values, there's something oddly appealing about it.
Commented on 2013-05-11 19:38:15
Loved this game on the xbox, double dipping for sure.

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