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Our videos of Invisible, Inc.

Our videos of Invisible, Inc.

Another game we missed when it was released was Invisible, Inc. from the makers of Mark of the Ninja. The only excuse we have for not covering it sooner is that no one in the team really knows anything about strategy games. That being said, the game has received such a warm welcome that we decided to buy it on Steam a few days ago. Here are a few videos of the very beginning, we're just learning the game so we don't have the proper reflexes yet, but at least now you can see the game in action on Gamersyde.

Gameplay #1
Gameplay #2

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Commented on 2015-12-31 18:33:23
I'm really glad you guys gave a Strategy game a chance, hopefully you guys enjoy it enough to give other Strategy games a chance as well - specially Shadowrun and XCOM's recent titles, which are excellent.

Also, sometimes I feel Gamersyde needs a lot more variety in the games' genres it covers. And by that, I don't mean it doesn't cover a lot of games' genres, but that some genres are covered extremely well - perhaps, too much - (like Racing), while other genres receive little to almost no coverage at all (like Strategy). So more diversity or balance in that sense would be much appreciated.

I know that it's because almost all of you love certain genres (like Racing), while not being interested in other genres (like Strategy). Plus the fact that a lot of the games covered on Gamersyde are bought with the staff's own money - so I absolutely understand not wanting to spend your hard earned money on something you have no interest in, just to make a few videos and/or a livestream and then never play it ever again.

I hate most Sports games, so I understand not wanting to play a genre you're not a fan of. Though, if you have a diversified audience, you should try to show as many different type of games as possible. And to be honest, sometimes it "feels" like no one in the staff even tries to experience certain genres' games, like at least giving them a chance - like you guys did with Invisible, Inc. now, I'm not saying this is true, only that sometimes it "feels" like it's true.

While it's a bit of criticism, it's an intrinsic problem of which a solution is very hard to find, specially in gaming sites with not many people on staff, since they tend to cover mostly only the type of games they're interested in or that will generate the most views, and this is true for a lot of mainstream sites like GameTrailers, EuroGamer, etc. So I don't blame Gamersyde for having this type of problem.

I hope Gamersyde can try to reach more companies of these type of games and try to get a free code, or at least a demo/preview code for them in the future. I like Racing games as well, but would like to see more exposure on other genre's games, which have some truly hidden gems that deserve more attention and, consequently, more sales.

It's really hard trying to express this without sounding like I'm putting the blame on the Gamersyde staff. So I apologize in advance if it came out like that, it certainly wasn't my intention. Please try to look the feelings and intention behind the words.

To all the Gamersyde staff, thank you for everything you've done in 2015 and in the past. I wish you all a great 2016!
Commented on 2016-01-02 02:10:14
This game is hard as fuck on Expert, and I love it.

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