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Our videos of RaceRoom

Our videos of RaceRoom

Simbin, responsible for great sim racers such as the GTR and the Race series, decided to give the Free2Play experience a go by making their next project a Free2Race game. A teaser version of RaceRoom Racing Experience is now available on Steam and includes one car (the Aquila CR1 Sports GT) and one imaginary track, along with a teaser version of their Challenge Mode, which will allow players to compete in time trial races. Here is a first video of the game showing the cockpit view, exclusively for the 5% of players who use it. A second video should follow a bit later for the 95% remaining.
Update: Second video added.

One thing we should precise is that we had problems with our 360 wireless controller as it was not recognized in the game. We had to configure it manually but once in game, we realized the car kept going left when we did not touch the left thumbstick. As we knew you would probably see it yourself, we thought we had to tell you why it was that way. That being said, the driving sensations are still good with a controller. Of course, you can tell that using a driving wheel is clearly the best way to enjoy the game to the fullest. We'll try to capture some gameplay footage with a wheel this week so you can see the difference. Note that we did not use Miguel's rig for today's videos, but our GTX 570 and the game runs perfectly at 60 fps.

Cockpit view
Download: WMV HD | MP4 HD
Subjective view
Download: WMV HD | MP4 HD

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Commented on 2012-09-09 20:41:28
Ahahah I see what you did there, sir :D

But I think it was 10% of people that use he cockpit view lol

5% is non-pirates on PC, according to Ubisoft xD
Commented on 2012-09-09 20:43:41 In reply to PT_G4MER
Damn, then let's say it's because of Copyrights issues that I had to change it. ;)

But what the hell, let's put it right then.
Commented on 2012-09-09 20:44:40
I like how Gamersyde keeps dissing Codemasters for dropping the cockpit view :)

Will definitely give this a try, but since GTR2 runs on my computer like a slain knight with diarrhea, I'm not getting my hopes up :)

Edit: It seems it was 5% BTW, to quote:
"So it's not a case of just a sample of people we've spoken to in research, it's a fact that only 5% of Codemasters Racing game players ever used the in-car view."
Sorry for the off-topicness
Commented on 2012-09-09 21:09:58 In reply to PT_G4MER
Turns out it was really 5%, you made me doubt, you should be punished. :p
This message and account have been deleted at the user's request
Commented on 2012-09-09 21:54:29 In reply to Driftwood
Oh, sorry man. Somehow I got the 10% on my mind and didn't even got to check it out. So the joke was perfect, after all :D
Commented on 2012-09-09 21:55:47 In reply to PT_G4MER
Well at least you understood it was a joke, so I don't have that bad a sense of humor after all. :)
Commented on 2012-09-09 22:20:25
Actually its 10.051%
Commented on 2012-09-10 02:21:04
Nice driving, Game looks and sounds EXCELLENT!
Commented on 2012-09-10 14:22:58
This supposed to be the new GTR3 or this another seperate ip ?
Commented on 2012-09-10 16:59:07
Looks good, i wish it had the lighting of GT5.

Sound is good, car seems overly bouncy. But i'm interested.
Commented on 2012-09-10 17:51:15 In reply to xgei8ht
Posted by xgei8ht
Looks good, i wish it had the lighting of GT5. [...]
Except for the cardboard spectators, they look like in F355 Challenge, just horrible. Sadly Project CARS isnt looking any better in that department...
Commented on 2012-09-10 19:09:28
They should of got rid of the cockpit view and worked on the scenery a bit better ......
Commented on 2012-09-10 21:51:19
A new update has been released and now the game is entirely compatible with the wireless 360 controller.
Commented on 2012-09-10 23:35:20
Have you guys seen this game...

Holy Fuck...this looks incredible.
Commented on 2012-09-11 13:48:08
Thanks for letting us know. *thumbs up*
The AI VS AI behavior is indeed uncredibly realistic, like watching the real thing on TV. I dare say this will dethrone Forza with ease AI-wise, not to mention the laughable, feeble AI of GT5.
Commented on 2012-09-11 15:02:47
^^ Yep and it seems they have caught up to Forza 4 and GT5 graphically as well.

Time to start saving for a new PC and Fanatec wheel i reckon.

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