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Our videos of Twisted Metal

Our videos of Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal has always been quite a successful franchise in North America, and though European players have been a bit less enthusiastic over the years, there are still fans here so everyone should be pleased with the coming of a new episode on PS3. The game will mostly appeal to those who like multiplayer action - online and offline via split screen - as playing the game alone can get a bit boring (and annoying as everyone's life purpose seems to be dedicated to taking the player down). Here are a few videos of the single player mode.

Gameplay #1
Gameplay #2
Gameplay #3

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Commented on 2012-03-20 22:47:24
Yet to take this online, but i've enjoyed the single player so far. I do wish the opponents would fight each other tho, not just be hell bent on taking you down. It's a challenge though i guess. Just means certain vehicles dont really stand a chance since they're too weak. Taking reaper out for a spin is pretty much suicide.
Commented on 2012-03-20 22:49:50 In reply to KORNdog
Yeah, that's why I said it could get boring. I should have added annoying since it is really frustrating to be the only target. I mean it's supposed to be a tournament.
Commented on 2012-03-20 22:51:50
Shame they couldn't recreate the magic of the first couple of Twisted Metal's. Another PS3 exclusive that should be much better than it turned out.
Commented on 2012-03-20 23:12:28 In reply to Xoar
Posted by Xoar
Shame they couldn't recreate the magic of the first couple of Twisted Metal's. Another PS3 exclusive that should be much better than it turned out.
Imo it definately captures the greatness of those first 2 games (and black) it just has to be played with people to appreciate it (at least based on the short lived demo). The single player is nothing more then multiplayer training, just like it's always been. I mean, as ruthless as it is fighting a bunch of opponents who want to take you down. The AI is still nothing compared to what a human opponent will do. It does feel cheap in singleplayer, but if that frustrates you you may as well not touch multi, cos you'll get raped even harder.

Love the inclusion of split screen multi tho. Back to the roots of the series.
Commented on 2012-03-21 14:51:56
I am just glad the game sold well, Sony and Jaffe probably made a good profit on it (it should have been on Vita too but that's another discussion)

I loved the demo so I will buy it eventually
Commented on 2012-03-22 03:35:26
Yeah, I was a hardcore fan of Twisted Metal 2 back in the day and this definitely recaptures that same magic, and then some. By all accounts it's a downright fantastic game and I'm so glad that Jaffe and ESP didn't dumb the game down or try to appeal to wider audiences. It's a prime example of a game made for the fans, which I greatly respect.

Also have much love for the excellent boss battles and that they spent time on each vehicle actually making them more unique. The earlier Twisted Metal games had different vehicles that basically all felt exactly the same (save for the special attacks, which even then suffered from a similar problem for many characters) but with this new entry, they really have gone and made them all unique, and the added customization with sidearms and alternate specials really does deepen the gameplay.

I just wish more developers had Jaffe's attitude and design philosophy to be honest, since many could learn a thing or two from the guy.

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