VIDEO | PS4, Xbox One Tuesday, June 5, 2018 | 10:00 AM

Our XB1X videos of Onrush

Our XB1X videos of Onrush

If vampires are not your thing, today sees the release of another game, something radically different published by Codemasters. As you may know, Onrush is the new creation of ex-developers from Evolution Studios but it's not your typical racing game. First, it is clearly designed for multiplayer, second it has quite unique gameplay mechanics. We know that people have mixed feelings about the game, but from what we've seen so far, it is pretty fun to play. A promising title that probably aims at reproducing the success of games like Rocket League, so it'll be interesting to see what people think of it now it's available.

Informations on the différent version of the game

- Xbox One X: Frame Rate: 1080p@60fps & 4K Textures
- Xbox One X: Resolution: 4k@30fps & 4K Textures
- PS4 Pro: Frame Rate: 1080p@60fps
- PS4 Pro: Resolution: 4k@30fps
- PS4: Frame Rate: 900p@60fps
- PS4: Resolution: 1080p@30fps
- Xbox One: 900p@30fps

Xbox One X - Framerate Mode Race 1
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Download: MP4 HD
Xbox One X - 4K Resolution Mode Race 1
Xbox One X - 4K Resolution Mode Race 2
Xbox One X - Framerate Mode Race 2
Xbox One X - Framerate Mode Race 3
Xbox One X - Framerate Mode Race 4

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Commented on 2018-06-05 12:49:57
Rocket League? Can you inform me on how this is similar?
Commented on 2018-06-05 12:58:35 In reply to droezelke
It's not similar in terms of gameplay mechanics, it's similar in its approach. They've tried to create a sort of multiplayer cult classic and if it weren't for its lack of content (tracks and game modes are too few) and the fact that the driving model lacks details, it would most certainly become the main attraction in the weeks to come. But after all, who are we to say it's not going to happen even with its shortcomnings. :)
Commented on 2018-06-05 14:50:32
Was it the Developer who said it's something like Motorstorm meets SSX?
Commented on 2018-06-05 17:02:12
the beta of this put me right off. there's no depth to it. things are too chaotic to really work with team play or to read the track and your opponents with any degree of accuracy and games like this need small moments for the big moments to feel big and onrush doesn't have that. it's so relentlessly bombastic it ends up feeling weirdly normal.
Commented on 2018-06-05 22:09:56
I felt like I was on rails when I was playing the beta. It's almost the complete opposite of motorstorm in that game you felt the sway and inertia of each vehicle here it's like playing wipeout with pilot assist.
Commented on 2018-06-06 02:15:55
Considering the development team I’m surprised the game doesn’t look much better. I can’t put my finger on it but the game just looks washed out. For all the colors going on it still looks very bland. Almost too pastel instead of rich oil colors.

About the game

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