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Paris in PGR2 ? Sure !

Paris in PGR2 ? Sure !

I was working on the cockpit hack (video to come soon) to browse the DVD a bit. And to my surprise I found all of the sound files for Paris already there, along with french music and french DJs ! The city itself is not on the disc, so it seems that the rumor was true and Bizarre planned for the city all along, but could/would not finish it for the game release. We'll just have to wait for the official word from MS. I certainly can't wait to play in a realistic Paris !
Edit : Looks like I missed the directories with the _LA suffix. Paris and Los Angeles will be in PGR2 ! :)
Edit 2 : Listing of the music tracks and DJ names for both cities added.
Edit 3 : : Long Beach will be the city used for the LA download

Tracks for paris (hidden with a P at the start of the line)
- D.R.I.V.E.R." Performed by Driver from the CD Swing Popotin
- "Ne Respire Pas" Performed By Eiffel from the CD Le 1/4
- "Sombre" Performed By Eiffel from the CD Le 1/4 d'Heure
- "Ils Etaient Une Fois" Performed by SAÏAN SUPA CREW
- "Xraisons" Performed by SAÏAN SUPA CREW
DJ : Aline Afanoukoe (Nova), Dom Kiris (Oui FM), Antoine Baduel (Radio FG)

Tracks for LA (hidden with a L at the start of the line)
- "Dead Pan" Performed by Aesop Rock
- "Sneak Preview" Performed by Mr. Lif & Murs
- "Northern California" Written by Kevin Grisham/Brandon Rivera
DJ : The Goodfellas & Tito (Power 106), Jason Bentley (KROQ), Stryker (KROQ)

There is also a track called "Deejays & Emcees" hidden with a B

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