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PGR3: 720p trailer

PGR3: 720p trailer

YES! Finally here is a the direct feed 720p version of the PGR3/Gotham TV trailer. Enjoy !
Update : 640x360 30fps version available.
Update 2: I've been asked to encode a 60 fps version, so here it is.

720p Xbox Summit trailer
Download: WMV HD
Direct Feed Xbox Summit trailer
Download: AVI
60 fps Direct Feed Xbox Summit trailer
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2005-07-26 22:29:44
Commented on 2005-07-26 22:43:59
Commented on 2005-07-26 22:46:31
Commented on 2005-07-26 23:06:56
Commented on 2005-07-26 23:13:03
looking good.
Commented on 2005-07-26 23:58:09
Commented on 2005-07-26 23:58:25
Geez, what kind of monster computer does it take to play the 720p file? :O
Commented on 2005-07-26 23:59:25
looks fantastic and all but can anyone explain why it takes up 50-70% of my CPU(3.oGHz) power and jerks around when playing?
Commented on 2005-07-27 00:08:09
Well, my 650 mhz aint up for the job either.. :)

Ive gotta download the smaller res version.. :/
Commented on 2005-07-27 00:12:17
stunning !!!

this will be my first game for xbox 360
Commented on 2005-07-27 02:32:54
wow awsome
Commented on 2005-07-27 06:45:08
judge john, you better have plenty of memory and videocard memory to play high def videos.
Commented on 2005-07-27 09:44:01
This...is...excellent. I wish all the demos shown at the summit looked this good.
Commented on 2005-07-27 13:11:53
for people having problems with the full HD version, go into advanced settings under windows media player and uncheck "drop frames to keep AV in sync". I di d that and it went from 3 fps to 43 fps......or you could just DL the reencoded 60fps version that doesn't choke most peoples computers lol.
Commented on 2005-07-27 16:28:31
well along with my 3.0GHZ i have a 6600gt and 2GB of mem so i can't see what the problem is. but it only 'lags' about 4-5 times so it's not to bad. i also dl some of the other 720p trailers and they seemed to work fine. i tell you it's a sad day when your comp struggles to run a video ;)
Commented on 2005-07-27 18:39:42
Looks okay not great, I still see some jaggies on the buildings. The specatators look like crap and the boundaries look to unrealistic.....arghargharghargh
Commented on 2005-07-27 22:18:52
I have a ATI Radeon x800xl . and i hook it up to my HD tv, and it runs fine..

Also if you can stream it.. it seems to work much better to
Commented on 2005-07-28 02:55:26
Can someone clarify a question I have about frame rates for television screens? I know that TV screens can only display 25 frames per second for PAL TV's & 30 frames per second for NTSC TV's, so I was wondering what frame rate HDTV's can display, would it be 50 - 60fps? because I'd much rather play PGR3 at 60fps over 30 any day, and I'm also looking into purchasing an HDTV for next gen consoles I might purchase.
Commented on 2005-07-28 04:07:19
1080i is at 24/30 fps
720p is at 60

from what I understand, but don't trust me its been a REALLY long day
Commented on 2005-07-28 06:53:14
Just like 480i, the fact that it's interlaced allows a 1080i set to display 60 "half frames" per second.
720p shows 60 complete frames per seconds.
Commented on 2005-07-28 08:11:57
Thanks for clearing up that question for me guys.
Commented on 2005-07-28 13:11:05
Stunning, but I still miss a bit of the 'environments full of life' Bizarre promised this time.

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