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PGR3 Speedpack images

PGR3 Speedpack images

The Speedback downloadable content pack was released for Project Gotham Racing 3 a while ago, and here are some images from Microsoft which shows all the new veichles. Worth checking out if you're still doubting if it's worth all those 400p.

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Commented on 2006-04-26 13:46:49
I was 50 points short of 400 points (or whatever the total was) and I was not going to pay another £5 for 50 points so I ended up paying 60 points each for a few cars :|
Commented on 2006-04-26 14:02:00
Seems ok but i can,t wait to see PGR4 it might show up at E3 maybe.
Commented on 2006-04-26 14:11:31
It's worth it to me, all the new cars are fun to drive, but they don't really giv you an advantage over the existing cars, so balance isn't a problem.

That said, the new Lambo is AWESOME, it drives perfectly now ,yuou can really dig the nose right into the apex of a corner and slide through perfectly, the new porsche is also incredible, easily replaced the enzo as b class all star.

Both the scaglietti and the ston martin are big cars but handle like small cars and are fun to drive, the rs4 is fun to drive but slow, same for the Evo, w/ it's predictable 4 wheel drive understeer, but it can be good on some courses.
Commented on 2006-04-26 15:00:34
Only cars? They sould be free...
Commented on 2006-04-26 17:06:16
i think people forgot it costs money to make these. The people who make these do it for a living they dont get paid from thin air lol.
Commented on 2006-04-26 18:35:31
Meh, they reharshed many cars, I'm not buying it. I'll wait for another pack that brings some really new cars, if not, then I'll wait for PGR4
Commented on 2006-04-26 19:40:15
I love PGR 3, but im not happy about this Pack. Remember the Packs for PGR 2? They where a lot more interesting. If BMW would have been included, or a new City, like Paris or Berlin, i would have bought it for sure.
Commented on 2006-04-26 19:56:12
I love the pack. For 5€, it's quite cheap, concerning the quality of the content. And I remember seeing pictures of the Real Life Gallardo SE and thinking "Man, they could've waited two months with PGR and include this beauty..." ... and now I have it. Win!
Commented on 2006-04-26 21:17:32
BlimBlim, how come you forgot about the Mitsubishi EVO???
I understand the Z06 cause it looks the same, but what about the Pontiac GTO????
Commented on 2006-04-26 21:36:57
Commented on 2006-04-26 22:33:14
I don't know where those screenshots are taken from but the PGR3 i have doesn't look nearly as sharp as this.
Commented on 2006-04-26 22:49:44 In reply to Dukemaster
Posted by Dukemaster
I don't know where those screenshots are taken from but the PGR3 i have doesn't look nearly as sharp as this.
They are doctored up just like the earlier ones.
Commented on 2006-04-27 03:15:34
The game looks pretty much like the screens on my TV, minus some jaggies.

Commented on 2006-04-27 06:49:02 In reply to most_hated
Posted by most_hated
They are doctored up just like the earlier ones.
Don't make me come over there....It's not a matter of being "doctored" per se - but images taken with photo mode are processed with a higher quality motion blur and AA seting than reatime renders.
Commented on 2006-04-27 18:34:48
The people that don't wanna pay for it should at least download the *free* Aston Martin V8 Vantage.. Then they'll have all cars on their HD aswell so everybody that plays with them online can use those cars.. It's a bit annoying when only 1-2 people in your lobby didn't download anything so you can't use the cars you paid for..

Commented on 2006-05-01 06:51:07
the thing is, even if you only download the aston martin, you cna still drive the other cars if you kow someone who bought pack.

in playtime "lock to host car" and the host picks one of the new cars, bam, everyone is driving it.

people who criticize the pack haven't tried out the cars, period, they're great.

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