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PGW: Star Wars Battlefront trailer

PGW: Star Wars Battlefront trailer

Electronic Arts took advantage of the Sony press conference to unleash this new gameplay trailer of Star Wars Battlefront. Enjoy it in good quality inside. Th title will be out in a month.

PGW Trailer

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Commented on 2015-10-27 23:25:55
Fabulous bitrate and quality as always :) But why in 30 fps? There is 60 fps versions on youtube
Commented on 2015-10-27 23:29:07
Gave me goosebumps this...but the game is gash based on the beta, so...meh
Commented on 2015-10-28 02:38:38
I thought the game was fine from the beta, but not close to "top tier"/"day one" material. A lot of the fun came from the spectacle, due to the audio & visual design, which is pretty spot on.
Commented on 2015-10-28 02:58:00 In reply to b0vril
Posted by b0vril
I thought the game was fine from the beta, but not close to "top tier"/"day one" material. A lot of the fun came from the spectacle, due to the audio & visual design, which is pretty spot on.
Same feeling here. I tried the beta and they nailed the visuals, sound, and atmosphere, but the gameplay just felt like I would be bored in a few days. Definitely not worth a purchase new. Then again I'm not much into multiplayer, so maybe that is the issue.

Seeing the quality of the assets here REALLY makes me wish for a good single player star wars game though. It has been so long. Imagine a new KOTOR with visuals like this, or even a Jedi knight style game!
Commented on 2015-10-28 04:32:27
The voice acting for Palpatine seems kinda off.
Commented on 2015-10-28 04:33:13 In reply to michaelob
Much agreed. Hopeful for what's coming from Amy Hennig/Visceral/Jade Redmond and from Bioware.
Commented on 2015-10-28 19:08:34
My God....what a quality!!! Thanks GSY. I really liked that "It wont happen again". :-D I would love to have SP. This engine is superb!!!!
Commented on 2015-10-29 07:45:34
This is a good game but the publishers are going to mess it up with their greedy ways just like what happened to evolve.
Commented on 2015-10-30 01:25:48
Game is definetly pretty as still pictures and as a videogame on current gen.

Ill forgive the fact that its a casuals sacrifice movie tie in but DICE better revamp their Frostbyte 3 engine on consoles and make a hardcore Star Wars First Person Shooter with single player campaign that may be coop with no ability to play as a Jedi/Sith, just troopers, droids and have serious gameplay.

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