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Prince of Persia TFS introduction

Prince of Persia TFS introduction

Ubisoft released the CG intro of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. We should get a review version of the game next week, which will give BlimBlim the Great more time than he needs to prepare a detailed review.


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Commented on 2010-05-07 17:46:18
Oh Wow! I have to say this has really got me pumped up now....
Commented on 2010-05-07 18:26:23
Now that is a awesome quality CG. Really LOTR feel when they did that swoop over the siege of the castle. Props ubisoft.
Commented on 2010-05-07 19:07:44
Sweet vid, but I still can't understand why he doesn't look middle-eastern...
Commented on 2010-05-07 19:15:48
Commented on 2010-05-07 19:46:08
I don't think he looks like the Prince from the 128bit generation. But hey, I'm ready for some awesome puzzles and frustrating and boring combat! Bring it on!
Commented on 2010-05-07 20:02:51
This is the Prince from the Sands of Time I think
Commented on 2010-05-08 05:24:04
Yes it is, I just don't think he really looks like him... =P
Commented on 2010-05-08 20:48:17
He looks like a caveman.
Commented on 2010-05-08 21:37:08
that was pretty cool. it really is a shame the combat looks so dull. other then that the game looks like it should be great.
Commented on 2010-05-08 22:04:46
That intro was all kinds of awesome. Makes me wonder why game publishers insist that game-to-films be live action, when they can do so much better job by investing money in good CGI.

Anyway, this game looks tight. Gonna have to take a backseat to Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption, but only as long at it takes me to beat those other two games. After that, it's on.
Commented on 2010-05-08 22:43:33 In reply to FreeSwag
Posted by FreeSwag
That intro was all kinds of awesome. Makes me wonder why game publishers insist that game-to-films be live action, when they can do so much better job by investing money in good CGI.
kids don't buy tickets to see brown&grey 3D movies. And Spirit's Within... well, that.
Commented on 2010-05-09 14:26:09
hmmm think my expectations were too high in watching that trailer after seeing all the sites rave abit it..seemed abit "meh" (although i liked the image grabbing him out of the water..i hope thats implimented in the game). And you know he means business when he's left with a scar across his face.

I do think this games destined to sink into the realm of the adverage. It will be interesting to see what the franchise turns in to should the movie become a huge can probably bet they wont take chances like they did with the previous PoP
Commented on 2010-05-10 08:49:48
I may know what you guys don't like about his face: it looks like something blew up in it and burned his facial hair.
Yes, the CGI is really great looking, although I keep getting an average vibe from the art direction... dunno why... it has some elements from the SoT game combined with WW and T2T and a bit of I dunno... It's all over the place. Just doesn't look right.

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