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Project CARS downsampled from 4k

Project CARS downsampled from 4k

As our first outing with our new GTX 970 SLI setup, we pushed Project CARS all up to 4k unsing Nvidia DSR. The settings are the same as our previous videos, with the exception of MSAA which was disabled. Downsampling from such a high resolution allows us to eliminate most traces of aliasing, proudcing a smoother more realistic image. You can see for yourself by comparing our re-recording of a Brands Hatch replay in 4k against our original 1080p capture. Of course, the performance is impacted a bit by the high resolution but, thanks to SLI, it isn't too far off from what we were seeing on a single 970 at 1080p with MSAA.

Brands Hatch 4k Replay
4k Laguna Seca
4k Azur Coast gameplay
Azur Coast 4k Replay

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Commented on 2015-03-29 17:37:11
Sweet, now only if I had a PC able to achieve the same result. Sigh.
Commented on 2015-03-29 18:36:56
Looks sexy. Looks way better than it did in the other videos. Liking the rain effects too.

And I share your pain MinorDespera. I share your pain...
Commented on 2015-03-30 04:45:50
The DSR feature nVidia came up with is genius. A down-sampled 4k render on a 1080p monitor literally erases almost every trace of aliasing, and even can increase detail somewhat in the view distance.

To be honest, i've never understood why we havent been able to do this (DSR) in the past.

@ minor and bubble--Once we get affordable 4k TVs, there will be affordable GPUs to render on them. The new AMD R 390x has stacked High Bandwidth Memory, with a 1024-bit bus. Thats your ticket to 4K+ gaming right there. Once that GPU drops with that insane bus width, it will be the top AMD card for like a year, and then the R 4xx series will probably all have high GB counts, and large bus interfaces, which means affordable 4k+ gaming.

Shit, after seeing what AMD has planned, nVidia better deliver something even better--and i think they will. So who knows, there could possibly be a cheaper nVidia card sometime this year that beats out, or performs closely to the R 390x.

Thats our ticket right there.
Commented on 2015-03-30 15:39:40 In reply to cma112087
Tickets, Please!
Commented on 2015-03-30 15:47:57 In reply to cma112087
Posted by cma112087
To be honest, i've never understood why we havent been able to do this (DSR) in the past.
We could.. it's called super supersampling. Nvidia didn't really invent this so much as make it easier to use.

You can super sample the shit out of things w/ Nvidia inspector (on the Nvidia side).. sometimes with better results than DSR too. You can down sample w/o the additional algorithms w/ some utilities.

You've been able to do this for a long time :D

Are there any legitimate benchmarks (or specifications) for the 390X yet? I'm not swallowing that hype wholesale.
Commented on 2015-03-31 08:12:14 In reply to GriftGFX
Posted by GriftGFX
Are there any legitimate benchmarks (or specifications) for the 390X yet? I'm not swallowing that hype wholesale.
im not swallowing it either, until we see proper independent reviews of the card when people can actually buy it then ill show more interest but at the moment it seams quite a few people are over hyping the 390X.

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