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Project CARS on May 7

Project CARS on May 7

It's now official, Project CARS will not miss its May release as it will ship on May 7 or 8 in Europe (depending on the country) on next gen consoles and PC - the WiiU version seems to be unaccounted for at the moment. Ian Bell announced the game was about to go gold yesterday and today it's time for a new 1080p/60fps trailer focused on the career mode.
Update: The game will ship in North America on May 12.

Career trailer

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Commented on 2015-04-16 09:20:32
It's coming out on next gen consoles? You mean the PS5 and XBOX Two?
Commented on 2015-04-16 09:22:38 In reply to Arkz

Did you really think the PS4 and Xbox One would have enough power to handle this game?
Commented on 2015-04-16 09:29:23
Can't wait. Been waiting for this game for a loong time.
Commented on 2015-04-16 10:48:43 In reply to Driftwood
Posted by Driftwood

Did you really think the PS4 and Xbox One would have enough power to handle this game?
Commented on 2015-04-16 12:40:30
Hmm .. looking forward to console videos. From preview videos it looks good except the mediocre rear view mirrors. Great time of racing fans. F1 2015 with be releasing a month after this and confirmed to be at 60fps too. If these games turn out really good will be tempted to get PS4
Commented on 2015-04-16 12:48:00
Nice trailer! I really love what I see from this game, It´s been getting better and better. It´s good it has plenty amount of cars and tracks
Commented on 2015-04-16 13:55:39
Where did they confirm May 12 for NA? Press release?
Commented on 2015-04-16 14:20:55 In reply to RSene
Yes, it's been confirmed by Bandai Namco and the developers.
Commented on 2015-04-16 14:43:16
Got my T3PA Pro pedals through today! All ready to go now!!! Woohoo!
Commented on 2015-04-16 14:53:26 In reply to Xoar
My Clubsport H-shifter is ready. :)
Commented on 2015-04-17 00:09:17
Im going to see how i get on with pedals for shifting before going for a shifter.

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