PS3 Thursday, June 14, 2007 | 1:47 AM

PS3 images of Rainbow Six Vegas

PS3 images of Rainbow Six Vegas

Ubisoft releases five screenshots of Rainbow Six Vegas PS3, which is due to be released in a few days. More than six months after the Xbox 360 version we hope the game will not suffer from a bad port job like Splinter Cell Double Agent...

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Commented on 2007-06-14 03:26:08
Looks good, would like to see a comparison though, as it looks very similar to the 360 version. Hope the framerate is solid.
Commented on 2007-06-14 04:42:27
Sloppy hand-me-downs. No thanks.
Commented on 2007-06-14 05:52:15
These pics don't do justice to the game. I can't wait, been waiting so long. Co-op-story- mode-online here I come.

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