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Quake 4 Theater Trailer

Quake 4 Theater Trailer

Quake 4, to be released real soon on PC and at launch on Xbox 360, is back with this short trailer shown in american theaters.
Update: Added 6 hopefully new PC-images.

Theater trailer
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2005-10-18 09:22:11
yep, should be comin in the mail tomorrow by 3PM! cant wait for that classic quake3 MP action back in all its glory.
Commented on 2005-10-18 10:02:14
is this the pc version??
the Graphics is bad
Commented on 2005-10-18 10:15:22
mmm i don't know if this one is gonna be a classic, like the previous ones, i mean ign already gave it an 8.2 or something on the pc, i still have my doubts.... got to play this before i can make up my mind though
Commented on 2005-10-18 12:05:49
This look like a xbox game.
Commented on 2005-10-18 14:06:04
I already have the game from Gamestop
Commented on 2005-10-18 16:35:22
I just don't like this new Quake engine. Everything looks like it is made of plastic and the art style is just old now.
Commented on 2005-10-18 17:59:26 In reply to SPBTooL
Posted by SPBTooL
I just don't like this new Quake engine. Everything looks like it is made of plastic and the art style is just old now.
Dude, you have no idea.
This isnt the Quake Engine, this is the Doom 3 Engine. And the Artwork is Great.
Commented on 2005-10-18 18:13:38
No it isn't. It's absolutely terrible, and here I was expecting Raven to inject some personality into it and they clearly haven't. This is really just a prettier Quake 2, design wise. :(

I guess fans of brown and gray are celebrating this though.
Commented on 2005-10-18 18:15:09
Well I love it and I love the Artdesign, too.
By the way, this isnt a 70% Game.
German PC Action has reviewed it with 91%.
Commented on 2005-10-18 21:12:07
I hate the graphics on this, and I feel cheated since this is supposed to be the next generation, but... I still may buy this for the multiplayer. Since, as of yet, there is no fast paced fps multiplayer (and if you say PDZ I will be forced to kick you).
Commented on 2005-10-18 21:35:42
Those things scare the sh*t out of me.
Commented on 2005-10-18 21:53:55
Well Porno_Batman come here and kick me because I think PDZ will have a better multiplayer expirience thant this game. Alote of review say that the multiplayer version of the PC is not very good.
Commented on 2005-10-19 00:23:43
I do not doubt that Quake 4 is not the best multiplayer, but PDZ (from the videos I have seen) is not a fast paced shooter like quake 4.

Actually I should rephrase myself. I want quake 4 because its alot closer to being Unreal Tournament than PDZ is.
Commented on 2005-10-19 03:01:00
Not really my style of FPS to be honest. Meh, I'd rather see a Doom 4...
Commented on 2005-10-19 03:24:13 In reply to haloking420
Posted by haloking420
cant wait for that classic quake3 MP action back in all its glory.
I'd have to agree with that.
I'm more of a UT/UT2k4 guy, but Quake3A multi is awesome.
Commented on 2005-10-19 18:47:47
Commented on 2005-10-19 19:38:38
An iron Maiden 2k5 pic!!
I love these girls *gg*
Commented on 2005-10-20 02:57:51
im really far in qake4 SP and im completely blown away that it looks better than doom3 and plays better too. and better level design and voice acting holy crap.

dont expect it to look good unless u run it at 12x10 4AA Vsync on and high quality.

the multiplayer is AMAZING, if u dont suck that is. it requires more skill than any game ever made to be good at it. it is SO fast its almost unplayable. so u gotta be pretty good at twitch gameplay, what quake has once again perfected.
Commented on 2005-10-20 07:18:48
As I love Quake 2 and 3 MP, I don't think the game requires "hands down" the most skill of the games. But it does requires more skills than some gamers might speculate. It all in the twitch and timing for Quake 3. But same can be said in other games. Playing UT w/ Instagib, having the sniper rifle in Halo.... But I'm looking forward to Quake 4, definately, both the single player and the multiplayer. I have to agree though, the graphics don't look THAT spectacular, since we been exposed to Doom 3 for over a year. And I can see why people think it a XBox game, since Doom 3 was released on the XBox, and this is relatively an enhanced engine of that game. With that said, this game is gonna be good. If F.E.A.R wasn't released yet, I would get this game in an instant.

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