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Rayman Legends dresses up

Rayman Legends dresses up

The Wii U version of Rayman Legends gets two unlockable costumes: Rayman as Mario and Globox as Luigi.

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Commented on 2013-08-08 09:01:39
Hope this time the game sells well.
Commented on 2013-08-08 11:42:19
after origins, no thanks. really didn't like that game and i picked it up for less then a tenner.
Commented on 2013-08-08 14:14:11 In reply to KORNdog
Posted by KORNdog
after origins, no thanks. really didn't like that game and i picked it up for less then a tenner.
not enough cutscenes huh
Commented on 2013-08-08 14:50:50
Origins was great, fun to play and beautiful to just watch. Looking forward to this one.
These 'costumes' meh, I don't care about the wiiu ver anyway
Commented on 2013-08-08 16:01:07 In reply to GangStarr
Posted by GangStarr
not enough cutscenes huh
just shitty gameplay tbh. *shrugs*
Commented on 2013-08-08 18:42:08 In reply to KORNdog
Can you be more descriptive?
With that kind of response, maybe you should have paid full price, then maybe you would have been more invested in it to see why the game is so incredible.

The game has gorgeous artistic visuals, appeals to all ages, has so many varied levels. I've had a blast playing origins.
Commented on 2013-08-08 19:12:26
I'm not sure how trying to convicing myself a game is good just becasue i payed more money for it is a good thing? If i don't like a game, i tend not to like a game, whether i payed £40 or got it for free (got the vita version of origin free and i liked it even less). I just didn't like the feel of the platforming, or how repetative it was, it looked nice, albiet a bit too "newgrounds flash animation" for my taste (didn't like the look of shank much for the same reason) and the fact they where trying to pass it off as a full priced retail game just seemed so WTF!
Commented on 2013-08-08 21:25:37 In reply to KORNdog
Im not saying that paying more money makes a game better. But when you pay more, you naturally expect more out of it and therefore give it more of a shot, regarding learning how the game plays. For example, I bought Alan Wake for $5, and never got past episode 3 because I never bothered to get used to the games poor character controls and dodging mechanics during battle sequences. I've heard its a great game once you take the time to learn to do that, and maybe if I had to make a choice of buying it over another AAA title, I would have given it more chances and actually enjoyed to play it all the way through.

Not arguing with you, but I do think there's a relation.

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