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RE Raccoon City: Triple Threat trailer

RE Raccoon City: Triple Threat trailer

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City gets a new trailer that shows off the triple threat battle between the Umbrella Security Service, US Spec Ops, zombies and more. The game will hit shelves on March 20 in North America and three days later across Europe.

Triple Threat

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Commented on 2012-01-09 19:29:46
That was so freakin awesome!

They should make it a full movie and add it to the game.
Commented on 2012-01-09 19:55:38

And I will get this game for sure.
Commented on 2012-01-09 19:57:26
That was suprisinly INCREDIBLE, really enjoyed it. Wish I could say the same about the gameplay videos we saw though.
Commented on 2012-01-09 20:30:21
I agree that it was a really impressive cg movie, but it's sad RE stopped being a horror game. When I played the first Resident Evil I never suspected I'll be seeing Kung fu masters with sci-fi gear. Don't get me wrong it's all cool looking and nice, but it's simply NOT Resident Evil as I remember it.
Commented on 2012-01-09 20:33:29 In reply to CloudXIV
Kung Fu masters with sci-fi that would make an awesome concept for a game/movie.

I'd buy/watch it.
Commented on 2012-01-09 20:46:46
Gorgeous, and in my opinion , this is how you promote a game , but i'm not having high hopes for this game. Just waitand see i guess
Commented on 2012-01-09 21:11:35
amazing ... just what i'm looking for
Commented on 2012-01-09 21:39:23
Wow just wow. The amount of money Crapcom are throwing at RE the last year and they didn't get a penny from me. They could have remade Resident Evil 2 instead of this game and "HDising" Veronica X and 4.
Commented on 2012-01-09 22:17:39 In reply to CloudXIV
lookin great for resi game, cannot wait play this
Commented on 2012-01-09 22:36:06
This is a pretty awesome trailer. I would buy a full movie if they made one.

But have they forgotten that this game takes place in 1998? Some of their technology seems a bit too advanced.

I hope the game is fun and not just another generic TPS.
Commented on 2012-01-09 22:46:41
Oh this trailer was made of sweet chocolate.
Commented on 2012-01-09 22:54:39
Epic trailer indeed (Square Enix eat your heart out), not expecting the game to be up to much sadly.
Commented on 2012-01-09 23:11:32 In reply to alimokrane
Posted by alimokrane
That was suprisinly INCREDIBLE, really enjoyed it. Wish I could say the same about the gameplay videos we saw though.
Exactly, this CGI was well done, but the game looks awful. :(
Commented on 2012-01-10 07:00:04
Wow, I hope this game's multiplayer gonna be as good as left 4 dead
Commented on 2012-01-10 08:19:18
Commented on 2012-01-10 08:53:04
series went downhill (story wise) after they ditched raccoon city. 1-3 was smart because it all made sense what was going on, and it was terrifying because all the creatures u fought were man made and didnt have some supernatural BS reason for existing. the settings were familiar as well. who hasn't been freaked out by large houses or afraid of the idea of a city filled with undead? i never felt frighten by an eastern European village or shanty town in Africa, aside from, you know, AIDS. hopefully this game has its shit together, but i doubt it will. however, i feel like it is a step in the right direction for the series at least, hopefully it leads to bigger and better resi games
Commented on 2012-01-10 14:19:35
while i think this game looks pretty shite. i do hope it does one of 2 things...

1. send RESI in an entirely action based direction control wise, i would like to be able to move and shoot at the same time. i didnt like where resi 4/5 took the series, but i think that was predominantly due to them being half assed action games. in an ideal world the last 2 resi games wouldnt have been called resident evil at all. but i've come to accept that they where. but if you're going to go action based, at least do it right. having to stop to shoot and having all movement mapped to a single analogue stick didnt retain tension. it just made the game feel clunky.

2. they will return to the racoon city/ zombie themes, non of this BS los ganados shite. and maybe put more emphesis on the "horror", something RESI4/5 lost.

i'm hoping for the latter. but i can see it beig a mix of the 2.
Commented on 2012-01-11 01:51:03
resident evil 4 & 5 were awesome! looking forward to this...
Commented on 2012-01-11 10:18:02
The reason why i hated RE4 and 5 was for not being able to move and shoot/reload at the same time, extremely stupid design.
Now I understand the whole tension shit, but I find it dumb, look at Dead Space, its done RIGHT.

And I was sick of seeing the trailers, saw so much action in the cutscenes yet when the gameplay kicked in the movement and controls were like trash. Tank, limited movement, just boring to me.

I hope future RE games look at Dead Space interms of controls and gameplay references.

I also dislike that the games dont pause when you bring up inventory menu. Sure it builds up that tension and panic at some points, but still, annoying, but that as much as the shoot/stop nonsense.

I will definitely get this one because it has action in it, its faster paced and more hectic something I really like.

PS. I love Vector in this game! The guy with a hood that can cloak himself, really badass design.
Commented on 2012-01-11 21:06:06
One thing I've always noticed about RE is that Chris, Jill and Co have never had a Rematch with the typical RE zombie while Heavily armed.

RE3 jill was lightly armed yet still managed to hold her own, Code Veronica saw Claire, a civillian able to hold out once she found a gun, Chris who was going in armed to the teeth lost his big ass bag o' weapons yet still managed fine.

The regular RE zombie is only deadly in large numbers if you're lightly armed.

The only reason the police and Carlos' Team were overwelmed is because they paniced, often held fire till the last moment, or did something stupid. Hell man the RE zombies don't even run unless they're crimson heads.

The soldiers in this video are trained professional units armed to the teeth. The Zombies are more of an annoyance then an actual treat to them.
Commented on 2012-01-11 21:21:57
Until the real pros shows up from Umbrella and owns everyone with their advanced tech :P
Commented on 2012-01-12 02:54:03 In reply to mustacio
Posted by mustacio
i never felt frighten by an eastern European village
I did, although I was skeptical at first.

It actually felt like playing the first Resident Evil game for the first time; you're trapped in an unfamiliar environment and you're left to your own devices in order to survive while trying to discover what caused all the madness you've witnessed. That's what made the first Dead Space and Bioshock games scary as well.

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