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Riddick: A new FPS for the Xbox

Riddick: A new FPS for the Xbox

Starbreeze Studios have a page on their official website for a new secret project since a few months now. Game Informer had the honor to do the unveiling, the game is called Riddick and will be a FPS. More details, scans and concept arts in this news.

Starbreeze had with Enclave released one of the best looking games of the Xbox at the time, even with all the slowdowns. The developpers are far from newbies since some of them were members of the mythical PC demo group Triton (for the oldest here) and were working on one of the most promosing PC games of the pre-3dfx era called "Into the Shadows".

Riddick is their new project along with Knights of the Temple.
Technically Riddick seems fabulous and will hold the comparison with Halo 2 or even Doom3.
The lighting will be totally dynamic, every light source can be destroyed, every material reflects light his own way. The shadows will also top notch, totally real time and even more advanced than Splinter Cell ! The game uses a new rendering method called "normal mapping".
The environment will be interactive and destructible, blood sprayed on a wall will trickle down naturally.

One of the innovations of the game is the fact that there is no HUD. The life gauge will only appear when it changes, and the ammo counter will be displayed directly on the weapons.
The physics engine will have everything we take for granted for a modern game, even ragdoll bodies.

The game will be a mix between a normal FPS, a stealth game and even a survival horror at time. The will be melee combat with only our fists, and gunfights.

Count on me to let you informed as soon as I get more info on that game.

Vivendi universal asked me to put down the images and scans of the game.

About the game

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