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Ridge Racer 6: Famitsu scans

Ridge Racer 6: Famitsu scans

Like every month, here are the traditional Famitsu scans. Today, you'll enjoy three pages showcasing Namco's Ridge Racer 6 and the sweet Reiko Nagase.

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Commented on 2005-10-06 07:42:14
ooohh more illegal mag scans! how do u get away with it!!!! thanks
Commented on 2005-10-06 07:44:49
Reiko Nagase pwns hard!!!!
Commented on 2005-10-06 07:46:50 In reply to Elliot_DOA4
Bleh, I am too spoiled by PGR3.
Commented on 2005-10-06 09:37:17
Looks fantastic, I'm liking the trucks in those screens as well.
Commented on 2005-10-06 10:34:41
Hey, and at least it can handle 60fps unlike 90% of the other 360 games [hint: "PGR, nice graphics, shame about the framerate"]

RR games are always worth taking a look at.
Commented on 2005-10-06 11:36:20 In reply to Elysium
^I agree. This game will feel faster for sure.
Commented on 2005-10-06 12:22:37
Yeh, the PSP game for me was the bomb, I can see they took a lot of the PSP gameplay and made it better in the Xbox360 game.

I'm gonna kepp an eye on it for now, but so far it wasn't impressive for me in terms of the environments they showed, they look a bit plain. But the cars are great.
Commented on 2005-10-06 13:16:05
Magazine scans always make a game look better to me; I think becasue of the graininess, lol.

But still it looks good, and it's a Ridge Racer game, so it's gotta be fun.

Too many racers to choose from at launch.
Commented on 2005-10-06 17:10:20
I cant wait for this One.
Ridge Racer is so freaking Cool!
I really hope the menus are as styled as the ones in rr5.
And there must be Grid Girls...
But Ok, we got Reiko, right?
Commented on 2005-10-06 17:19:20
The gameplay looked terrible, and that's too bad 'cause I had high hopes for this game.
Commented on 2005-10-06 17:32:40
Sick of hearing aboout oohh not 60fps, just play the games when they come out & enjoy, I havent seen a better launch line up for a console in 17 years of working in the games industry so please stop going on!
Commented on 2005-10-06 17:57:55
I don't really mind about 30fps or 60fps, as long as it doesnt dips below a fix framerate and no visible jerkiness. I can't wait to see how this game turns out, although I'm going to be cautious and wait for the final version.
Commented on 2005-10-06 18:36:06
hmmm. Reiko. Can someone say DOAX2 hidden character!? yum.
Commented on 2005-10-06 20:17:59
a racer thats not 60 frames is a SHAME/rushed project.
Commented on 2005-10-06 22:11:29
Torn on Ridge Racer vs Gotham Racing. Guess I'll have to wait until both are playable in some store.
Commented on 2005-10-06 22:16:45
TRUCKS!!??????? :X
Commented on 2005-10-07 16:54:37
Hey ridge racers...
If you wanna see some screenshots (not just video caps) head over to www.gamefront.de
and click the link at the left.
Just wanted to share the good stuff with you :-)
Commented on 2005-10-08 04:03:15
Looks cool, honestly it looks just like a CG movie, which is definitely a good thing.

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