X360 Saturday, October 28, 2006 | 1:49 PM

Roboblitz video demostration

Roboblitz video demostration

Naked Skyde Ent. released this 7 minute long video demostration of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title RoboBlitz, which is powered by the Unreal 3 engine. That doesn't mean it will look as good as Gears of War of course, which you'll see by yourself in this video. The game is supposed to have 19 maps, which is impressive with the very small file size.

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Commented on 2006-10-28 14:10:10
looks good for a XBLA game
Commented on 2006-10-28 14:11:02
arcade titles using UE3? thats impressive in itself.
Commented on 2006-10-28 14:16:04
What a great game, that's definitely a buy.
Commented on 2006-10-28 14:33:58

Kinda makes David Jaffe's comments completely redundant.
Commented on 2006-10-28 14:59:47
Yeah tell me about it. I don't like that guy anymore, He makes one good game(god of war) and he thinks he's freaking Miyamoto. And besides he loses all credebility by default because he's on sony's payroll. what do you expect him to say: XBLA rules...
Commented on 2006-10-28 15:09:21
This is XBLA and Bomberman was a full title? :P
Seriously, it looks awesome. Looking forward to the demo!
Commented on 2006-10-28 15:33:55
I've been keeping track of this game since last December and I have this to say. Roboblitz is one of the most state of the art games on the market.

Unreal Engine 3
Procedurally Generated Physics
Procedurally Generated AI
Procedurally Generated Textures
And a bunch of other stuff that most Xbox 360 premium games costing $60 do not have under the hood.

And it looks good to boot. I cannot wait to get my hands on it and I hope that it is finally released on XBLA before year's end.

The video itself was actually very low quality (with luck they'll release a hi-def video soon) and does the game's graphic quality no justice.





Commented on 2006-10-28 15:44:37
We need more stuff like this on xbla, we have too many crappy mame ports.
Commented on 2006-10-28 16:32:33
I like what they did with the HUD..
Commented on 2006-10-28 16:33:55
You know, this game looks better than some of the PS3's launch window titles (Like Untold Legends). Pretty sad for a game clocking in at 60 megs. So we need Blu-Ray again for what, Sony?
Commented on 2006-10-28 17:02:21 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs

Kinda makes David Jaffe's comments completely redundant.
What did he say again?

This game is damned impressive for a Live title. Nice to see a generic robot character with some actual personality! As was said, this really shows just how bad Bomberman is. Did anyone even buy that?
Commented on 2006-10-28 17:05:18
I'm impressed with those lathe screens.

And the procedural work sounds good.
Commented on 2006-10-28 17:32:28
Wowsa, that is amazing.
Commented on 2006-10-28 17:32:39 In reply to fragglefart
Posted by fragglefart
What did he say again?

This game is damned impressive for a Live title. Nice to see a generic robot character with some actual personality! As was said, this really shows just how bad Bomberman is. Did anyone even buy that?
He claimed XBLA was an oldies station with no new content and that the PS3 would have more original games. This makes his little Cops & Robbers game look very dated indeed.
Commented on 2006-10-28 18:05:35
This might actually be the 1st XBLA game I buy. Looks like real fun.
Commented on 2006-10-28 18:20:52
Impressive indeed.

Just shows what can be done.
Commented on 2006-10-28 19:21:20
will this be the most expensive arcade title as of yet?......i think so
Commented on 2006-10-28 20:00:11 In reply to thedudex06
Posted by thedudex06
will this be the most expensive arcade title as of yet?......i think so
Probably not. Early word on the game had it at only 800pts. Most likely the game will release for 1200pts. Considering the technology inside, the work that went to get that tech in there and the size of the game (19 maps, wow), 1200pts is a fair asking price even if I hate to see 1200 pts show up on a game.

Right now, Lumines is quite firmly the most expensive XBLA title. To really get Lumines in any real playable form you are going to be coughing up 1800pts as you really have to purchase the Advance Challenge Pack or you wind up with a hollow shell of a game (and I hear that 1800pts still will not get you all the game modes found in the PSP version that you have to purchase even more game modes to be released later to get them). Not that this is a problem, Lumines does cost $40 on PSP there was no way to expect we were going to get something for nothing in the exchange, but it does firmly place Lumines as the most expensive XBLA title. I do not think that Roboblitz is even going to come close.
Commented on 2006-10-28 21:39:15
This puts many full price dvd games to shame. Not that its difficult to kick ass for a talented studio who still has a shred of work ethics left in them, when the competition isnt even trying to do good work.

MS or ATI should set up a studio like this that makes under-50meg real-time tech demos for the 360 that arent games. Just scenarios that take every last drop out of the hardware and gives us an idea of what we should be seeing while the corporate slaves at EA cant deliver.

I'm talking something like the cold war of graphics, an arms-race of technical superiority. Show the talentless bastards how it's done and invite Sony to try their best at proving that the CELL is superior by uncompromised in-house uber tech demos.

Because believe you me, the mainstay excuse for crappy PS3 games for the next six years will be "we still haven't utilised the full potential of the console".
Commented on 2006-10-28 21:52:04 In reply to unfettered
Wow impresive.

Nice Pic's unfettered.
Commented on 2006-10-28 22:10:00
Not saying its a total rip off, but that Point-to-Point gun is ripped straight from the Half Life 2 alpha release. It was a weapon that connected objects in the game EXACTLY like that, even with a little bubble of goo is the same...
Commented on 2006-10-28 22:54:36 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs

Kinda makes David Jaffe's comments completely redundant.
Yeah, that was a real stupid, ignorant comment. XBLA has plenty of life in it, maybe he's really jealous or just a dumb SOny fanboy.
Commented on 2006-10-28 23:02:42
Haha liking those drones, very funny like the Grunts in Halo. Very impressed with the game, and this is on XBLA?! Shame on most developers, shame on you.

I'm liking the torturing ROBOTS thing, hehe ;)
Commented on 2006-10-28 23:17:12
D'oh! Looks like downscaling screenshots can do wonders for a game like this (or any game, as 99% of shots are downscaled) http://ve3dboards.ign.com/message.asp?topic=254504...

With the usual UE3 "AA is impossible", the unscaled shots look dramatically worse.
Commented on 2006-10-29 00:34:06
This and Small Arms are probably my 2 top wanted XBLA games
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