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Saint's Row images

Saint's Row images

THQ released these images of Saint's Row, which will be released next friday. Who could have known we would get two great free-roams during one month? The big questions is: Which game will you buy, or will it even be both? I'm probably going for both, cause they both played damn fine.

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Commented on 2006-08-24 23:25:51
Whew! What happened to the windows in the cars?
Looks good otherwise...
Commented on 2006-08-24 23:27:15
The windows have been dithered like that for ages, even in the demo. Sadly it doesnt help the framerate climb from disgusting to acceptable.

I so want this game to be good and polished. We'll just have to wait.
Commented on 2006-08-24 23:35:08
"Who could have known we would get two great free-roams during one month?"

What's the other one? Just Cause? By the way, I love this site, it's the only place where i can get hi-res screenshots and vids without the lame bullshit articles. Keep it up, it's much appreciated :) !
Commented on 2006-08-24 23:36:20
I'm definitely getting Saints Row. The Just Cause demo was pretty decent, but I think I may wait until I can find it used or if the price goes down
Commented on 2006-08-24 23:39:24
Well I dug a bit in the old news... and youre mostly correct... but they can't leave it that way! This looks horrible!!
Commented on 2006-08-24 23:42:26
Disabled: Yes well, I would suspect the layered realtime world reflections and alpha over pixelshaded AND bumpmapped interiors and word textures would take too much power for the gain in visual improvement.

On an SD set you wont see it, and your HD set would have to be per-pixel (which is nearly impossible using a HD signal due to overscanning, unless the TV can force per-pixel fit) or a very, very high end CRT like a 20" Sony PC monitor. Otherwise the tiny pixels will blend together as a free post-filter by your TV.

You also get true 2x MSAA at 720p, something almost no developer even knows exists.

It doesnt worry me that they are trying everything to make the game run properly, it worries me that it runs like utter turd in the demo even WITH them trying these tricks.

I tried the Just Cause demo and walking in the jungle looks amazing, I love whatever they did to the shader shadows hacking them into smooth edges instead of jaggied bitmap pixels. And it made me cry to think the FAR BETTER game that I would much rather play runs like crap.
Commented on 2006-08-24 23:45:49
I'll be getting both as they indeed do rock.
Commented on 2006-08-25 00:00:46 In reply to xpander
Posted by xpander
"Who could have known we would get two great free-roams during one month?"

What's the other one? Just Cause? By the way, I love this site, it's the only place where i can get hi-res screenshots and vids without the lame bullshit articles. Keep it up, it's much appreciated :) !
Yeah pretty much To hell with Gamespot and IGN and there BULLSHIT.
Commented on 2006-08-25 00:39:04
i don't see any images?
Commented on 2006-08-25 00:51:26
I dont see images? What pictures are you guys seeing?
Commented on 2006-08-25 00:51:37 In reply to Negative
Posted by Negative
i don't see any images?
Likewise, there aint nada there guys.
Commented on 2006-08-25 00:58:39
Don't know why, but the gallery's gone. I'll shut the news till manager fixes this.
Commented on 2006-08-25 11:09:08
Strange, they just disappeared. Back up now.
Commented on 2006-08-25 11:37:03
first of all Hello to all it is my first post here..

i bought my copy of SR 2 days ago, some shop in my country made a presale :]
game itself is quite nice, there are no such awful slowdowns as in demo,
but after 2 days of playin (2-3 hours a day) I have 30% done - so this game may be rather short. But after this time it feels almost like GTA :]
Just cause is a totally diffrent game from SR, if you have any questions, you can find me on Live!
Commented on 2006-08-25 12:08:32
<instantly calling all shops in Vienna> . . ... none of them has it so far, damn. Only N3 came in y'day . ... oh my
Commented on 2006-08-25 12:45:04
Both fun games but It has to SR, the controls work better, shooting, driving fighting just feels better, but i have to say, the water and jungles in Just Cause are some of the best i've seen, Beautiful!
Commented on 2006-08-25 13:06:55
I'll think about getting this if it has more variety than the demo. Compared to GTA there's not a whole lot to do in this game from what I can tell.
Commented on 2006-08-25 14:18:49
Have you tried starting a hold-up? That's a cool feature. Just aim at the shopkeeper and he'll direct you to the safe. Easy money :P
Commented on 2006-08-25 15:48:01
I think they released the demo too early with this game. Clearly it wasn't final code either.
The buzz around the game was enormous at the time, with all the 'leaked demo' videos popping up all over.
Capcom got it right with their demo timing for dead rising.
Commented on 2006-08-25 16:21:55
Um whoever said the windows look like that in the demo, are you sure? Cause I have played the demo a million times and the windows never looked like that.

Maybe it's a problem with SDTV, because it looks great on my HDTV.
Commented on 2006-08-25 16:39:06
sure i tried a hold up... and have you tried to rob some shops at night? that's a cool feature :]
Commented on 2006-08-25 22:53:28 In reply to Disabled
Posted by Disabled
Whew! What happened to the windows in the cars?
Looks good otherwise...
The demo doesn't show them like that. At least they looks good on my side.
Commented on 2006-08-25 23:43:13
Try a VGA cable (at 1280x720 OF COURSE) on a good monitor, the dithering is there in the demo.

Again, it shouldnt worry you that they try their best.

And here's another OMFGWTF fact for you, PGR3 uses dithering for ALL soft alpha (world assets) including fences, palm trees, trees and some select textures. It's a clever way to mimic soft alpha but still use 2bit hard alpha and save (fillrate?).

At high resolutions its more than viable to do so, as was back in the Genesis days when it couldnt do true alpha blending, or the Saturn that couldnt do soft alpha on polygon faces.

And anybody with actual knowledge of these things is free to correct me.

thug: You already have a copy of the final game? You say it runs better.. I wont get my hopes up but I still hope for the best!
Commented on 2006-08-26 11:35:13
Joergen - yup im playin since few days check my gt I have few achievements :]
it runs much smoother than demo but it is still far from running at stable speed.
Commented on 2006-08-26 14:34:47
The correct term is 'stipple alpha' :-)

In some ways it may make sense. AFAIK, Xenos doens't follow the typical rendering quad approach of normal video cards, and does have a programmable alpah mask. Both of which would make this technique more efficient...
That said though, Xenos can absolutly rip through transparentcy blending (since it's all done on the edram).
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