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Saints Row preview: Another video

Saints Row preview: Another video

It seems like you guys enjoyed my first 2 videos of this preview of Saints Row even with my terrible aiming, so here is more. This time you'll see how not to hijack a truck, and the how easy it is to use it to break a few cars on the highway. More videos tomorrow with a few more activities, especially the hilarious "assurance fraud" mode.

Preview: Truck mission

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Commented on 2006-07-31 20:37:33
THANKS MR Blim. I had a great laugh with the vids on youtube.com, and now this; great.
Commented on 2006-07-31 20:45:15 In reply to chewbacaattack
Thanks Blim your my Hero!
Commented on 2006-07-31 20:49:45

Lesson for today kids.
Never try to catch a truck on foot or use your car as a barrier!

Well done Blim, that was hilarious.
Commented on 2006-07-31 20:51:04
you one of my heroes, but my biggest hero is still andreas messner ( coming youngster of the NBA)
Commented on 2006-07-31 20:51:36
These are great. Keep 'em up, Blim.
Commented on 2006-07-31 21:03:24
That looks so cool!

Blim you need to get yourself some new clothes man, black shirt and blue jeans don't go well with that hair! Get yourself some orange parachute pants and a neon yellow jacket or something!
Commented on 2006-07-31 21:10:54
heh awesome. the explosions are pretty cool.
Commented on 2006-07-31 21:11:19
Blim, can you tell me if there are boats and motorcycles in the game? As far as I know, I have only seen cars (and other 4 wheel vehicles) and helicopters.

And are there other things (like stunt bonusses or hidden packages like GTA has) that we haven't seen, but are worth mentioning?

BTW: thanks for the footage again!
Commented on 2006-07-31 21:12:57
When do demos usually come on live?
Commented on 2006-07-31 21:13:18
I have a friend that looks EXACTLLLLLY like the "troy" character in the game. Like dead on... the developers HAVE to have come across his picture on the net and used it! hahaha I'll see if i can get him to send me a picture so i can show you guys...
Commented on 2006-07-31 21:27:23
LMAO thats possibly the WORST heist i have ever seen LOL ... you ran into nearly every car LOL
Commented on 2006-07-31 22:27:48 In reply to chewbacaattack
Blim next time let me drive.
Commented on 2006-07-31 22:29:19
This game is simply stunning, absolutely hilarious, just keeps gettin better lol
Commented on 2006-07-31 22:39:04
k00l looks good cant wait to play this game! Let hope is out 2morrow like they said! :D

Whats happened to the RSS feed? Mind dont show up any more :(
Commented on 2006-07-31 22:42:04
Another video again wow xboxyde is 1 of the best 360 site which i alwaise say, nice video can,t wait to play this game.
Commented on 2006-07-31 22:56:48
I love taking Semis on massive rampages in these games, I remember how elated I was when you could hitch up the trailers in GTA2, then how sad when you couldn't in 3 or Vice City... However this now seems awesome.

I keep looking at the game going "Man, can't wait to see how that's used in Multiplayer." and this is no different, I just have this silly dream of loading up the back of a flatbed with a bunch of buddies and driving to wherever you have ot drive to do whatever you have to do blowing the living shiz out of everything in our path.
Commented on 2006-07-31 23:07:34
$500 dollars! That's it?!

You gotta be kidding me. I was really hoping that the cash earning system was going to be better than GTA.

But that was a real tickle to watch and I'm really looking forward to this title.
Commented on 2006-07-31 23:14:47

Is that the only view u can use whn driving a car ocr truck? Is there any "inside the car" view?

Thanx for the vids, man!
Commented on 2006-08-01 00:26:10
Am I the only one that isnt excited about this game? And i'm really not sure why either. Maybe it's because I have been playing GTA since the first one on the PC and now they seem to get boring to me. Even tho I am more excited for Just Cause than this. Who knows...maybe the demo will change my mind.
Either way, thanks for all these goodies!!!
Commented on 2006-08-01 02:08:51
I love you Blim.

Fo' real.
Commented on 2006-08-01 06:18:35 In reply to GrimThorne
Cash is not an issue in games like this. whenever your short on doe, just kill a hooker. you can always afford anything you need...
Commented on 2006-08-01 06:40:44
Commented on 2006-08-01 12:01:55
i didn't like the first video. it was just boring.
the other were a bit better.
time to try a demo. it's on MartetPlace.
Commented on 2006-08-01 13:42:51 In reply to jiloo
The Demo is out now^^'
Commented on 2006-08-01 14:40:25 In reply to battelangel
Downloading as we speak :D

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