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Saints Row preview: Last video

Saints Row preview: Last video

Let's be done with this preview of Saints Row with a last video showing the insurance fraud activity, and the escort one. Viewer discretion advised for this video :)

Preview: Insurance and Escort

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Commented on 2006-08-01 20:50:34
Are these videos from the demo are the final build that will be retailed?
Commented on 2006-08-01 21:02:37
preview version.
Commented on 2006-08-01 21:03:51
original gameplay thats what i like to see
Commented on 2006-08-01 21:04:12
final build I have the demo and there is nothing like this on it!
Commented on 2006-08-01 21:09:04
Its not the final game, Blim said in the original SR post that its a preview that THQ sent him.
Commented on 2006-08-01 21:10:48
Are you sure? I'ts good enough for me to play!
Commented on 2006-08-01 21:18:40
It's the preview build, it's even written twice in the news ;)
Commented on 2006-08-01 21:20:54
LOL "STICK IT IN, IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS" LMAO ... this games gonna be hilarious lol
Commented on 2006-08-01 21:28:09
k00l nice video!
Just went to check on my demo and i got disconnected of Live i then reconnected and its only at 40% :( Been downloading for 2hr 30mins now :(
Commented on 2006-08-01 21:30:54
Looks like im going to have to turn off captions, whats with the paragraphs of texts lol.
Commented on 2006-08-01 21:32:32
Hey, blim...is there a way you can take a picture of the entire map for us?

I want to see if they've added on to it since the demo.

Commented on 2006-08-01 21:34:32
Thanx Blim! After playing with the game all day, I have decided that this is not my type of game. I tried liking it, just couldn't get into the whole getto-gang thing.
Commented on 2006-08-01 22:12:42
Blim your more cooler than chef ramsey
Commented on 2006-08-01 22:17:10
Its way too hard to die in this game.Makes it too easy. Other than that it's an ok game. Hopefully they will have Free downloadable content.
Commented on 2006-08-01 23:15:37
My morals probably won't allow me to actually pick up a copy of this game. It's really not that impressive visually, but it was always obvious from screen shots that was never meant to be one of its strong points. I just wish the game looked more like the target video from last E3. There are a lot of hard edges in the graphics, and hi-def tvs are very unforgiving when it comes to graphics. Perhaps if it were prettier, I would be one of those irresponsible buyers that purchase a game without researching it. Nah, that would never happen to me. I do however support this title, because it's another IP that the 360 will have over the competition. The more competition, the better it is for us gamers. Thank the matrix for Xbox Live demos. We should thank Microsoft for changing the industry people.
Commented on 2006-08-02 01:08:35
very cool video.
Commented on 2006-08-02 02:06:47
If this game let you choose between a male and female character AND let you make him/her extremely obese (not just slightly pudgy), I would consider buying it. But after playing the demo, it's obvious there's no fun to be had here
Commented on 2006-08-02 02:53:20
Did they tone down the nudies? I thought I remembered from E3 a couple years back that there were fully nude women.
Commented on 2006-08-02 04:22:40
I just cant stop watching these videos!!! Why dont you just record all of the game and make it a +220 hours gameplay vid!!!??? :D
Commented on 2006-08-02 04:49:19
no more videos? awwwwww boo!
Commented on 2006-08-02 05:54:26
The demo in marketplace haves framrate problems and vsync disabled.
Commented on 2006-08-02 06:53:40
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2006-08-02 07:20:15
Tried the demo at the markatplace, gota say that this game have the worst FPS any game ever had, feeled horrible ill and dizzy after playing this game for 10 min for 2 hours or so due this.

And no I don't even have an HD capable TV, the framerate was horrible anyway. Felt like the game ran in 15 FPS or something. Ofcorse it was more but didnt feel like it.
Commented on 2006-08-02 07:25:04
Shadow of the Colossus has the worst framerate in modern gaming history and the game is praised up and down - go figure.
Commented on 2006-08-02 08:54:36
Blim, do you know if you are able to do taximissions, ambulancemissions and other GTA stuff like that?
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    KORNdog but i don't see him as THE drake. and so i'd rather they get someone else to do that. (2 Hours ago)
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    KORNdog you don't need to see the same actor take on the role and grow up and age with it. in fact i'd rather they not do that. i can see tom holland as origins, U3 street urchin drake (2 Hours ago)
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